How To Mod Someone On Twitch

Every good Twitch channel needs moderators. Here's a simple guide on how to mod someone on Twitch using different methods.

One of the rewards for becoming successful on Twitch is having a large community to support you and your content. This also means having a crowded chat room, which can be a double-edged sword.

If you’ve been using Twitch for a while, you are likely aware of how quickly things can get wild with so many messages being sent constantly.

Fortunately, Twitch mods are here to save the day. If you want to add a few mods to your channel, you can find out how by reading the guide below.

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Adding Mods To Your Twitch Channel

There are two methods to mod someone on your channel, and both require the user to be present in your chat room.

Modding With The “/mod” Chat Command

As the owner of your Twitch channel, you can access the viewer list to see who’s present in the chat room.

Note: You can only see the names of registered and logged-in Twitch users on the viewer list. Guests (non-logged-in users) will only be added to the total number of viewers watching.

After making sure the person you want to mod is present in the room, proceed with the steps listed below:

  1. Open Twitch in your preferred browser and sign in to your account. (Skip this step if you’re already logged in)
  2. Navigate to your channel and open your stream. You can also do this by opening a browser, typing “”, then pressing Enter on your keyboard.
  3. In the chatbox, type the following command: “/mod username”, and press Enter on your keyboard, as you would when sending any other message in the chat. Replace “username” with the specific username of the person you want to mod.

That person is now a moderator on your channel. If their username is difficult to type, or you just want a different method to mod someone, there’s another way to do it.

Modding Through The User Profile Settings Panel

This method isn’t the most convenient one when the chat is moving quickly, but it’s still preferred by many users.

This approach doesn’t require you to type any commands. Instead, simply click on a viewer’s username and select the “mod” command.

The mod button is right under the add friend and whisper commands and shows a graphic of an avatar with a plus icon.

There are no differences in the outcomes of the two methods. Use whichever seems simpler for you.  

Reasons To Add Mods To Your Twitch Channel


Now that you know how to grant moderator permissions to other users, let’s look at a few reasons why you should consider doing it.

Keeping the chat civil at all times is impossible when you’re focused on providing quality content and entertaining your viewers. This is why moderators exist and can ease your workload significantly.

Moderators have the ability to time out or ban users, enable different chat modes such as sub-only, follower-only, or slow mode, manage polls and predictions, and much more.

If you have chat rules on your channel, moderators will enforce them and deal with anyone who is breaking them.

It’s important to have a clean Twitch chat as it helps prevent users from being offended, as well as avoid trouble regarding Twitch’s community guidelines.

Many Twitch streamers install bots on their channels to assist the mods, as even a dozen moderators are unlikely to be able to keep a chat civil when the viewer count gets too high. One of the most popular bots used for this purpose is Nightbot.

Something to keep in mind is that you should only mod the users you trust, as the mod function grants them significant power over your channel.


Whether you’re just starting out or are already a well-established Twitch streamer, it’s always a good idea to add a few mods to your channel if you haven’t already done so.

Keeping your chat room clean and protecting it from rule-breakers is crucial for building a wholesome and welcoming community, which should be one of the main goals of every broadcaster on Twitch.

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