What Is Twitch Turbo And Is It Worth It?

Are you tired of seeing ads on Twitch? You might want to get Twitch Turbo then. Here is a guide to Twitch Turbo. Is Twitch Turbo worth it? Let's find out.

Twitch.tv is the largest online streaming platform on the internet. Although most of the content is gaming-related, other content types are becoming hugely popular, such as the “Just Chatting” section, which is growing at a breakneck pace.

On Twitch, there are numerous ways streamers can benefit and earn for their effort. One of them is running advertisements during their live stream. But not everybody wants to look at those.

This is where Twitch Turbo comes into play.

Is it worth it? Should you buy it? Find all about Twitch Turbo in the guide below.

What Is Twitch Turbo?

Here’s the deal: Twitch Turbo is the platform’s monthly subscription program. Unlike subscribing to a particular streamer, the big difference is with Twitch Turbo; you’re subscribing to the Twitch platform.

But, why would I be interested in this? What are the benefits?

Well, there are quite a few actually, but do they justify the price?

Twitch Turbo – A monthly subscription program from Twitch.tv

Twitch Turbo Or A Regular Channel Subscription?

To begin with, Twitch Turbo is not free. It costs $8.99 per month.

The subscription will renew each new month automatically unless you cancel it from the “Settings” section. Be sure to do this if you are only testing out this feature for a month!

Compared to subscribing to an individual streamer, which costs $4.99 per month for the first tier only, Twitch Turbo is slightly more expensive, but it offers some great platform-wide benefits instead of just a few channel-based perks.

A regular channel subscription helps the streamer since half of the subscription money goes to them, while the other half goes to Twitch.

When you’re subscribed to a streamer with a regular sub and don’t have a Twitch Turbo subscription currently active on your Twitch account, you will still get pre-roll, and in most cases, other forms of ads as well. This can be unpleasant for you some people!

So, unless you only watch one streamer, and supporting them is your main goal, Twitch Turbo isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Conveniently, with Twitch Turbo, when a streamer rolls an ad, you won’t have to see it, but the platform still counts it as if you have. That’s great because it means that you are still supporting the streamer to an extent.

However, it’s important to note: if you have both Turbo and an AdBlocker enabled on your browser, the streamer won’t get any revenue for the ad because the AdBlocker will block it before it registers as a view. So keep this in mind if supporting streamers is your goal!

Platform-Wide Benefits Of Twitch Turbo

Subscribing to Twitch Turbo has quite a lot of cool benefits. Although these don’t mean much to some people, others enjoy showing off their shiny badges and custom username colors.

Here’s what you get by subscribing to Twitch Turbo:

  • A special chat badge that makes your account stand out from others.
  • Ad-Free viewing experience, ensuring maximum immersion with no interruptions.
  • An expanded emote set which is otherwise unavailable to those without Twitch Turbo.
  • Custom username colors for every chat across the platform.
  • Almost four times more storage time for your past broadcasts on Twitch.

As you can see, Twitch Turbo is not just about flashy badges and looking cool in chat rooms. It offers quite a lot of functionality as well.

That being said, if you won’t see much benefit from the extended storage time or other extras, and you’re only looking for a way to get rid of advertisements, using a VPN or an AdBlocker for Twitch is probably a better option for you.

Main Reason Why Users Subscribe To The Twitch Turbo Program

It’s no secret that ads interrupt our viewing experience and can be quite obnoxious most of the time. Although they realized this, Twitch cannot cancel ads altogether. Luckily, they created Twitch Turbo instead.

One of the main reasons why the Twitch Turbo program exists is that viewers demand an efficient way to eliminate those annoying advertisements.

But, when it comes to enjoying Twitch without ads, is Twitch Turbo the most cost-efficient solution out there?

Well, if you want to support the Twitch organization, then sure, it probably is. But, here’s the thing: if you only want to optimize your own experience and remove ads without spending a lot of money, there are other, better ways to do this.

A few examples are using an AdBlocker or subscribing to a VPN, which will be cheaper in ninety percent of the cases than Twitch Turbo.

We have two awesome guides that will help you configure your AdBlockers to work on Twitch. This one is for AdBlock, and this one is for uBlock Origin.


Now that you know all the benefits you get by subscribing to the Twitch Turbo program, you can make your own decision based on your viewing needs and experiences on Twitch.

If ads seem to be bothering you a lot, and you don’t really mind the monthly cost of $8.99, go ahead and grab yourself a shiny Turbo badge!

Ultimately, this guide contains everything that an average Twitch user needs to know about a Turbo subscription. If that wasn’t enough, don’t forget that you can also visit the official page of this service to be sure before purchasing.

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