What Is Twitch Turbo And Is It Worth It?

Tired of seeing ads on Twitch? You might want to get Twitch Turbo then. Here is a guide to Twitch Turbo. Is Twitch Turbo worth it? Let's find out.

Twitch is the biggest gaming-focused, live-streaming platform on the internet.

Though most of the content available on it is related to video games, other types also become increasingly popular. A good example is the rapidly-growing “Just Chatting” section.

On Twitch, there are numerous ways for streamers to benefit from and monetize their content. One of these methods is showing advertisements during live streams. However, many people would prefer not to have their viewing interrupted by advertising.

This is where Twitch Turbo can help.

Is it worth it? Should you pay for it? Find out in this guide.

Let’s get started with the basics.

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What Is Twitch Turbo?

Twitch Turbo is the platform’s monthly subscription program. Unlike subscribing to an individual streamer, Twitch Turbo is a subscription to the platform as a whole, and as a result, grants platform-wide benefits to the user.

Why should you be interested in Twitch Turbo? What are the benefits?

There are several benefits to subscribing, but do they justify the cost?

Twitch Turbo Splash
Twitch Turbo – A monthly subscription program from Twitch

Twitch Turbo Or A Regular Channel Subscription?

First of all, Twitch Turbo is not free. A subscription costs $8.99 per month.

Your subscription will renew automatically monthly unless you cancel it from the “Settings” section. If you want to test Twitch Turbo for a month, remember to turn off your auto-renewal!

In comparison to an individual streamer subscription, which costs $4.99 per month for the basic tier, Twitch Turbo is slightly more expensive. However, it does offer some great platform-wide benefits instead of a few channel-based perks.

A regular channel subscription benefits streamers, as they receive half of the subscription money, while Twitch keeps the other half.

When you subscribe to a streamer with a regular sub and don’t have an active Twitch Turbo subscription, you will still see preliminary advertisements and often other forms of ads as well. This can often feel intrusive and disrupt your viewing experience.

Unless you only plan to watch and support one streamer, Twitch Turbo can make your time on the site far more enjoyable.

With Twitch Turbo, when a streamer displays an advertisement, you won’t witness it, but the platform still considers you among the viewers. This means you are still financially supporting the streamer without having to view any advertisements.

However, if you have both Twitch Turbo and an AdBlocker enabled, the AdBlocker will block the ad before it counts you as a viewer, and the streamer won’t receive revenue from showing it to you. Keep this in mind if you want to support your favorite streamers!

Platform-Wide Benefits Of Twitch Turbo

Subscribing to Twitch Turbo provides a number of cool benefits. Whether or not you’re interested in shiny badges and custom username colors is largely a matter of personal taste.

Here’s what you gain by subscribing to Twitch Turbo:

  • A special chat badge that helps you stand out as a Turbo subscriber.
  • Ad-free viewing experience, preventing interruptions while watching a stream.
  • An expanded emote set, exclusively for Twitch Turbo subscribers.
  • Custom username colors for use in every chat across the platform.
  • Almost four times more archive space for previous broadcasts on Twitch.

As this shows, Twitch Turbo is about more than flashy badges and standing out in chat rooms. It also provides important functionality upgrades.

Last but not least, investing in Twitch Turbo provides priority customer support for your account, meaning you’ll be placed up much higher in the waiting queues whenever you have a problem on the platform and want to get in touch with Twitch’s support team.

If you don’t think you’ll benefit from the extended storage space or other extras, and only want to rid of advertisements, a VPN or AdBlocker for Twitch might be a better option.

Main Reasons Why Users Subscribe To The Twitch Turbo Program

Twitch Ads

It’s no secret that ads interrupt our viewing experience and can be overly intrusive at times. However, ads are an important part of website revenue, and Twitch cannot completely avoid showing them. Fortunately, they created Twitch Turbo instead.

One of the main reasons people choose to subscribe to Twitch Turbo is that they demand a reliable, efficient way to avoid watching advertisements.

When it comes to enjoying Twitch without ads, is Twitch Turbo the most cost-effective solution available?

If you want to support Twitch as a platform, it probably is. If you only want to optimize your individual experience and remove ads without spending a lot of money, there are cheaper ways of accomplishing this.

These include using an AdBlocker or subscribing to a VPN, which will usually cost less than Twitch Turbo.

We have two helpful guides that will teach you to configure your AdBlockers to work on Twitch. One is for AdBlock, and the other is for uBlock Origin.


Now that you understand the perks you can get from signing up for Twitch Turbo, you can make a knowledgeable choice according to your individual requirements and how you plan to utilize Twitch.

If advertisements frequently interrupt your viewing, and you don’t mind the monthly expense of $8.99, it might be time to go ahead and grab yourself a gleaming Turbo badge!

This guide contains everything an average Twitch user needs to know about a Turbo subscription. If you’re still unsure or you have any further questions, remember to take a look at the official Twitch website before making your decision.

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