How To Make A Poll On Discord

Do you want to learn how to make a poll on Discord? We got you covered. Learn what your community thinks by following this simple guide we've made.

If you frequently use Discord, you probably already know how difficult it can be to make a unanimous decision with your friends. Whether it is which game you’re going to play or where you will do your LAN session, a decision needs to be made.

Polls are probably one of the best ways to do that, especially if dozens or hundreds of users want to share their opinion on the matter.

Thankfully for you (and everyone else on the server), there are a few ways you can generate polls in Discord.

Let’s have a look at all the possible solutions!

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How To Make A Poll On Discord Manually

Even though Discord is rich with hundreds of features, for some reason, Discord polls are not actually a feature available for users.

But, with enough creativity, you can create one “manually.” If you don’t see this as a viable option, head over to some of the other solutions below. If you’re still interested, here’s what you can do:

  1. In your Discord server, join any text channels. Preferably one which all of your friends can see.
  2. Now, you’ll need to type your question and add poll options. We can do that with react emojis. Here’s an example:
    Discord Make A Poll Manually
  3. List your options and add an appropriate react emoji for it. Then, make sure to tag/ping your friends (either individually or with @everyone or @here.)

Once everyone has left their reaction on the poll, you’ll know exactly which game you will play.

Making A Poll With A Third-Party Website

With so many completely free websites for polls, there is no need to do things manually.

Currently, favored free options are either DirectPoll or Poll-Maker. Of course, you can use whichever, but in this guide, we’ll use DirectPoll as an example.

Here’s how you can create a poll on this website:

  1. Head over to DirectPoll.
  2. Click on the Create Your Poll Now! button.
    Discord DirectPoll
  3. On this next page, you can add your questions and choices.
    Discord Poll Questions and Choices
  4. Once your poll is ready, accept the Terms & Conditions, type in your email, click on Save poll, and send me the links.
    Discord DirectPoll Save Poll
  5. Go to your email and look for an email from In it, you’ll find multiple links. One for you (to control the poll), one for your friends to vote, and one for results.
  6. Copy the vote link and send it to everyone that needs to vote.
  7. Open your “Cockpit link” and click Start to allow your friends to vote.
    Discord DirectPoll Vote Link
  8. Once everyone has left their vote (don’t forget to vote yourself), open the result link (and send it to everyone).
    Discord DirectPoll Result Link

Looks like CS:GO is the more popular option this time around!

And that’s it!

For your next poll, just follow these steps, and you’ll have an answer to your question in no time.

How To Make A Poll With A Discord Bot

Like any other issue or lack of feature on Discord, this one can be resolved with a Discord poll bot. Currently, there are several dozen poll-related bots out there, so which one you get is up to you.

There are also versatile bots like Mee6, Dyno, and others that offer polls as an option.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular Discord poll bots:

Choose any of these bots we’ve listed, or feel free to use any other bot you might find.

We chose EasyPoll for this guide, so here’s how to invite it to your server:

  1. Head over to the official EasyPoll website and click on Add to Server.
    Discord EasyPoll
  2. Your next step will be to select your server and then select which permissions you want to grant to the bot. We suggest leaving it at default.
    Discord EasyPoll Select Server
  3. Click on Continue and then click Authorize.
  4. Now open Discord and head into your Discord server.

With the Discord poll bot now on your server, we’ll need to use the appropriate commands to create a poll. Here is what you can do to create a simple poll:

  1. Open any text channel (in which the bot has permission).
  2. Type /poll and type in your question. Example:
    Discord EasyPoll Type :poll
  3. Don’t click Enter yet. Instead, click the Tab key and choose one of the available options. Add how many answers you want to your poll.
    Discord EasyPoll Tab key
  4. You can add up to 20 different answers. For our poll, we used 3. Here’s what the command should look like:
    Discord EasyPoll Command
  5. Once you’ve added all your poll options, just hit Enter to post the poll.
    Discord EasyPoll Enter

You have a poll now! Server members can vote with react emojis for the right choice. The bot works like the manual method, but it’s simpler to set up and use.

Other Useful Discord Poll Bot Options

Keep in mind that these commands are exclusive to the EasyPoll bot. If you use any other bot, check its command list either through its official website,, or by typing /command.

  • /timepoll – creates a poll with a time limit. After the specified time or date, the poll will be closed, and users will not be able to vote.
  • /closepoll – useful if you want to preemptively close a poll. You can find the poll ID on the poll itself.
  • /listpolls – shows you useful information on all the polls you’ve created.

There are a few extra commands, but these are the commands you will typically use.

We hope this guide was useful and has taught you how to create surveys for the members of your server.

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