Discord Commands: The Ultimate Guide

There are tons of different Discord commands, be it basic chat commands, admin commands, text formatting commands, and bot commands.

Most people prefer Discord over any other VoIP software, largely because setting up a server is so simple.

However, to use Discord to its full capacity, you will need to explore its various features and everything else it has to offer. Many of these features are hidden behind special commands that aren’t made obvious to new users. This makes it easy to overlook them completely.

That is why we have written this ultimate guide for Discord’s commands to enhance your experience on the platform.

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Types Of Commands

Discord Commands

We will look at several commands that can be arranged into distinct categories:

  • Basic chat commands – The most basic commands that can be accessed by all users, regardless of their roles in the server.
  • Admin commands – Commands that can only be used by admins or mods with administrator privileges.
  • Text formatting commands – Commands that can be used by all users to alter their text messages.
  • Bot commands – Commands that only work when the appropriate bot is a member of the server. The commands used may differ greatly from one bot to another.

Basic Chat Commands

Discord Chat Commands

Here is a compilation of Discord commands.

  • /giphy – Search for animated GIFs on the GIPHY platform.
  • /tenor – Search for animated GIFs on the Tenor platform.
  • /shrug – Adds the ASCII art ¯_(ツ)_/¯ to your message
  • /tableflip – Flips an ASCII art table (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • /unflip – Puts the Ascii table back ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)
  • /tts – Sends a text-to-speech message to all members in the current text channel.
  • /spoiler “text” – Sends your message as a spoiler (hides the content until clicked).
  • /nick “new nickname” – Changes your nickname to whatever you type.
  • /thread “name of thread” “message” – Allows users to create a thread dedicated to a particular topic. After some time, the thread will be automatically deleted.

Text Formatting Commands

Discord Text Formatting Commands

Below are a few of the directions for formatting text:

  • **message** – Bolded text
  • *message* – Italic text
  • __message__ – Underlines text
  • ~~message~~ – Adds a strikethrough on text
  • `message` – Code text
  • “`message` “– Code block

Bot Commands

Below are some of the most popular bots and their associated commands.


Discord and MEE6 Bot

MEE6 has various commands and allows for personalized commands. Here are a few valuable commands. Default prefix: Exclamation mark (!).

  • !play [link or song name] – Automatically plays the posted link or searches by the song name.
  • !server-info – Displays useful server information such as total members, boost levels, total roles, total channels, and more.
  • !slowmode [duration] – Enables slow mode in that specific text channel, limiting users to sending one message every two minutes.
  • !clear [number] – Clears multiple messages in a text channel based on the specified number.
  • !mute [user] [reason] – Mutes the specified user until they are unmuted. Adding a reason is optional.
  • !unmute [user] – Unmutes a muted user.
  • !kick [user] [reason] – Kicks a user from the server.
  • !ban [user] [reason] – Kicks the specified user and prevents them from re-joining the server until unbanned by an admin.
  • !unban [user] [reason] – Removes a ban placed using the previous command.
  • !warn [user] [reason] – Warns a specific user. Again, the reason is optional.

Keep in mind that many of these commands are only available to admins or mods.


Discord and Dyno Bot

Dyno, like MEE6, features a large number of commands, and many of them are the same, so we will list some of the more unique commands. Default prefix: Question mark (?).

  • ?ranks – See a list of ranks
  • ?addrank [name] [hex color] – Create a new rank that users can join.
  • ?rank [rank name] – Command to join the specified rank.
  • ?roles – See a list of the server’s roles.
  • ?addmod [role name] – Creates a role for moderator.
  • ?delrole [role name] – Deletes the specified role.
  • ?announce [channel name] [text] – Announces a text message to every member of the current channel.
  • ?prefix [new prefix] – Changes the prefix from a question mark to the specified symbol.

There are dozens of more commands, but these are the ones you will likely use most frequently.

This list contains all basic and admin Discord commands, every text formatting command, and some of the commands for the MEE6 and Dyno bots. If you would like to know more about the commands for Dyno and MEE6, visit their websites.

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