Fix: Twitch Error Code 995f9a12 On Xbox

Are you getting the annoying "Twitch Error Code 995f9a12" on Xbox? This guide explains what this error means and how you can fix it with ease.

In addition to its superb quality and intelligent marketing, one of the main reasons for Twitch’s popularity is that it is accessible from almost any device.

As Twitch’s community consists primarily of gamers, it’s no surprise that many of its members want to access the platform via a gaming console.

In this guide, we will help you solve an error that can occur while using Twitch on an Xbox One. The specific error is code 995f9a12, which can frequently appear, leaving console users confused and frustrated.

Twitch Error Code 995f9a12 on Xbox

If this problem has been affecting you, read on to find the solution.

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The Problem Explained

When starting the Twitch app on Xbox One, users have reported seeing the following message:

Something went wrong. We’re so sorry, something unexpected happened. Error code: 995F9A12.

This means streaming or watching a broadcast is impossible, and the app becomes unusable.

Users who encountered this error tried accessing Twitch from other devices and even different networks to see if the problem was somehow related to their connection or account. However, this is just a bug on Twitch’s end, and there’s no clear reason why it happens.

Fortunately, the resolutions for it are straightforward.

Fix 1: Disconnect And Reconnect Xbox From Your Twitch Profile

This fix requires just a couple of minutes of your time, which is why we recommend trying it before any others.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Open Twitch and sign in to your account. Use a device other than your Xbox One, whether you choose a smartphone or your PC.
  2. Click your avatar in the top-right corner of the screen, then select Settings from the list of options.
    Opening Twitch Settings from avatar
  3. In the panel that is now visible on your screen, choose Connections from the top menu.
    Connections tab on Twitch Settings
  4. Find Xbox and click Disconnect to unlink Twitch from your Xbox device.
  5. Launch the Twitch app on your Xbox and sign in. You should see a 6-digit code that is required to log in. Enter it and continue using the app normally. It should now work without any further issues.

Unlinking your Twitch from your Xbox console and linking it again resets data and a few settings that might have been causing the error.

If this doesn’t help you resolve the Xbox One error, there are a few more solutions to try.  

Fix 2: Reset Your Twitch Stream Key

Experienced Twitch users will be familiar with the Twitch Stream Key, especially those who have tried broadcasting at some point.

If you have never heard of it before, here’s what you need to know.

Twitch demands each user to enter a unique and challenging stream code prior to beginning a live on any application. You are able to locate this code in the dashboard of your account.

If you have no intention of broadcasting, this doesn’t concern you unless you use an Xbox.

Xbox requires all users to input their stream key, regardless of their intentions, when using the Twitch app. Occasionally, the automatically generated key doesn’t work, which then causes the 995f9a12 error.

The simple solution to this problem is to reset your key. You can accomplish this by following the steps below.

  1. Open Twitch using a different device, not your Xbox console.
  2. Sign in using the Twitch account, which has been experiencing the error.
  3. Click your avatar in the top-right corner of the screen, then select Creator Dashboard from the dropdown menu.
    Opening Twitch Settings from avatar
  4. In this panel, choose Settings from the menu on the left, then Stream from the list of options that appear in the dropdown menu. See the image below for further guidance.
    Choosing Settings and Stream on Twitch
  5. Here, you can locate your stream key and click the reset button next to the field. You might need to wait a few minutes for Twitch’s servers to recognize the change.
  6. Return to your Xbox console and sign in to the Twitch app. The problem should no longer occur.

Users have confirmed the effectiveness of this fix. However, if it doesn’t work for you, there’s still one more thing to try.

Fix 3: Leave A Comment On A Live Stream

A Reddit user unearthed this remedy while attempting to resolve the matter on their Xbox One console. This technique may appear peculiar initially, but it has been verified to be effective by several users on popular Reddit threads deliberating this predicament.

leaving comment on livestream fixes Twitch error 995f9a12

To apply this fix, comment in the live chat of any stream via your Xbox One console. Comment anything, even if you see an error while doing so. Make sure you don’t say anything inappropriate to avoid being muted or banned by the moderators.

You can even try this on multiple streams.

Then, return to the home screen in your Twitch app. You should be able to sign in and use the platform again without seeing the 995f9a12 error.


The solutions for the notorious 995f9a12 error are slightly unorthodox, but that’s because the problem itself has no obvious origin. It’s a bug caused by an unknown error on Twitch’s end.

The fixes in this guide should help you overcome the problem quickly and easily.

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