How To Leave A Discord Voice Channel

Leaving a Discord voice channel is pretty easy. There's even a button for it! Here is a visual guide on how to leave a Discord voice channel.

At the end of a long gaming session with your buddies or after chatting on Discord for a while, you might want to relax a bit.

To accomplish this, you will probably need to leave the Discord voice channel to enjoy some privacy and relaxation.

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Leaving A Voice Channel

Exiting a voice channel on Discord is remarkably uncomplicated.

Look at the bottom left of your screen, above your username and avatar. You will see an icon of an old-school telephone with an X next to it. Clicking this will immediately disconnect you from the voice channel.

Don’t forget to say goodbye before you go!

How To Leave Voice Channel Discord

Alternatively, you can completely close the Discord application. Exiting Discord also disconnects you from any voice channels you were participating in.

Keep in mind that pressing the X button in the top-right corner does not exit the application. It only minimizes Discord to your tray.

To make sure you have fully closed the program, open the concealed tray symbols, right-click the Discord icon, and select Quit Discord. Easy!

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