Fix: It Looks Like You Are Using An Unsupported Modified Version Of The Game (Minecraft)

Getting the "unsupported modified version of the game" error in Minecraft for some reason? Here's why you get the error and how you can fix it.

For many players, altering Minecraft is the most captivating part of the game, but occasionally, an excess of modifications can result in your game being unreliable.

In such situations, playing is practically impossible due to all the frequent crashes, one of which we’ll be covering in the guide below.

If you’ve recently encountered a Minecraft crash displaying the “It seems like you are employing an unsupported changed version of the game” notification, you’ve arrived at the correct spot.

Let’s get right into it.

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The Problem Explained

Minecraft is known to crash every once in a while, especially after recently installing texture packs, mods, and other game-changing files.

Unfortunately, the “it looks like you are using an unsupported modified version of the game” error is caused by the same thing.

Minecraft it looks like you are using an unsupported modified version of the game

However, the game crash report also contains an error log that is often very helpful for solving the problem without too much effort.

Since every player sees a different error report in the game crash window, it’s not easy to say which files you should specifically remove to get rid of the error, but following the path listed in the message will surely make things much easier.

In short, if you can see the name of a specific mod or files in the crash report, and you’re sure that you’ve installed those lately, removing them (even temporarily) will help you narrow down the list and find out what’s causing your Minecraft to crash.


Finding a different version of the mod, one that is compatible with your device, is usually the best-case scenario, but if you’re unable to do that, entirely removing the mod is the next step.

Suppose this doesn’t work, or your crashes tend to occur sometime after launching the game and not directly at the start. In that case, there are a few other things you can do to overcome this issue besides deleting the potentially-unsupported files from your game’s directory.

Fix 1: Allow Minecraft To Use More Resources

Although playing “vanilla” Minecraft (Minecraft without any mods installed) can be possible on “lighter” specs, heavily modding the game files with fancy resource packs, textures and systems can easily overwhelm your computer.

As a result, the game can end up crashing due to insufficient resources, and this happens very often, according to the members of the Minecraft modding community.

If you already have a powerful system, but you’ve limited the number of resources Minecraft is allowed to use, we recommend “bumping” the amount by a little bit until you no longer experience the crashes.

Furthermore, you can take a look at this section in one of our helpful guides in which we talk about Minecraft optimization tips.

Fix 2: Ensure You’re Using The Latest Mod Versions

Sometimes Minecraft mods are not compatible with specific game versions, and when there’s a compatibility mismatch, the game will end up crashing before loading the files.

This is why we always recommend uninstalling mods one by one until you find the source of the problem, and once you do find the faulty mod, you can research and see which versions of it are compatible with specific Minecraft versions.

Creators of modifications typically release numerous updates that address compatibility issues, bugs, and performance enhancements, among other things. It is advisable to download any new updates for your Minecraft mod and carefully review the developer’s notes.

Fix 3: Update Your Version Of Java

Java is required on your system for Minecraft to be able to run, and the same applies to the Minecraft mods.

Upon installing Minecraft, you unpack and install Java files as well, which is sufficient for when you wish to play without any modifications. The Java version that comes with the game is adequate for the game’s base needs, but it appears that mods require a bit “more.”

Some users reported that they weren’t able to run particular mods they manually installed before updating their Java to the latest version. This isn’t the case most of the time, but it’s worth trying if you have already tried everything else and it hasn’t helped.


Although playing Minecraft with dozens of mods can be fun, sometimes you have to “ease off” as frequent crashes take away the joy from the game.

When you begin encountering regular Minecraft crashes, particularly with the “It appears that you are using an unsupportive altered version of the game” error, it might be wise to initiate the removal of modifications until you pinpoint the one responsible for the issue, as this is typically the root cause of an “excessively modded” game.

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