How To Check Twitch Chat Logs

Do you want to check Twitch chat logs for a specific Twitch user? You can do it as a channel ownerr and as a viewer. Here's how you check Twitch chat logs.

Chatting on Twitch is unquestionably one of the platform’s most significant and delightful features.

That being said, users sometimes chat too much, to the point that it becomes difficult to keep track of what you said during a conversation when watching your favorite livestream.

Thankfully, there are a few ways for streamers and viewers to check the chat history, some more popular and others considered “tricks” by the Twitch community. We will show you all of them in this guide.

Without any more delay, let’s begin.

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Checking A Viewer’s Chat History As A Channel Owner

When Twitch was still relatively new, many smaller tools and features weren’t seen as required or mandatory. After they were implemented, it is now difficult to imagine Twitch without them.

One of these qualities is the moderation tool that enables both channel owners and users with moderator permissions to click on a viewer’s name, open their user card, and see their complete chat history on the channel.

This method is quick, easy, and probably the best way to quickly see what a viewer has typed in your chat, going all the way back to their first message.

Here is how you can do it gradually.

  1. Open Twitch in your preferred browser and sign in to your account.
  2. Navigate to your channel and open it. Wait until you are connected to the chat room and it fully loads.
    From this point, there are two ways to “target” a specific viewer and open their user card.
    • If your stream is offline, there will probably be no viewers talking in your chat room. In this case, you need to type in /user username and press Enter on your keyboard to open that user’s card.
    • If your stream is online and users are talking in the chat room, simply stop the chat from moving by scrolling up or down once with your mouse wheel in the chat area, then find the user and click on their username. This will open their user card.
    Twitch channel moderation commands and user chat history
  3. Once the user card is open, you will see many different commands, including the ability to timeout a user, the ban button, etc. Below them, you should see the Show Chat History (Messages) command. Click on it.

Below is a visual which shows you exactly how to check Twitch chat logs by user.

checking viewer chat history as channel owner

If there is a lot of content in the chat history, you will need to scroll down to find the specific message you’re looking for. If you want to view the mod comments, select the option on the far-right instead.

For more information, this official Twitch blog post covers the topic thoroughly, and it might be useful if you want to learn about what can be done with player cards and the other available moderation tools.

Checking Your Chat Logs As A Viewer

Viewers tend to chat a lot. If you follow more than one channel on Twitch, it’s unlikely that you will clearly remember even a fraction of the messages you have sent in various chat rooms.

Luckily, there are ways to check your Twitch chat logs as a viewer, but they require the use of a third-party program. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe and simple to do so.

Twitch viewers can download Chatty, a helpful, open-source tool that has many interesting built-in features, one of which is chat logging. It offers split chat views, input history, and much more.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to view the messages you sent prior to installing Chatty, but you will be able to store everything you type in a Twitch chat in the future.

There once was a website called Overrustle Logs, which recorded chats for many channels, but Twitch’s legal team considered it against their privacy policy. As such, it was shut down in May 2020.  


Scrolling through chat logs and seeing what you or someone else typed in a Twitch chat many years ago can definitely be a fun thing to do.

You now know how to keep track of chat logs as a channel owner or moderator using Twitch’s built-in moderator tools. You can also accomplish this as a regular Twitch viewer using a third-party app.

Use this knowledge to take a trip down memory lane if you ever need to remember something you typed long ago.

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