Discord Easter Eggs: The Ultimate List

There are lot of hidden gems and easter eggs Discord. This up-to-date guide shows you all known Discord easter eggs. Discover the secrets of Discord!

A large part of Discord’s appeal is the fact that it is very customizable. Did you know there are also some settings that are hidden from view?

These are Easter eggs that have been added by the developers in the hope that users would discover them.

As of writing, Discord users have found about a dozen of these Easter eggs. This article will describe the features revealed so far and how you can see them too.

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To locate this Easter egg, you must click on the Discord/Home button 15 times.

Discord Home button

With the fifteenth click, you should hear a voice saying “Discordo“. The voice will repeat the phrase several times. To deactivate this Easter egg, you need to press that same button 15 times. You should hear the sound effect for leaving a voice channel.

No Results Found Banana/Empathy Banana

If you use Discord’s search function and find nothing, a magnifying glass appears alongside a message stating that there are no results. If you repeat the same search multiple times, a banana will replace the magnifying glass, known as “Empathy Banana.”

No results found Empathy Banana

Copy Username

On the bottom-left of the Discord desktop application, your username and ID number are visible. Clicking it automatically copies your username (and ID) and displays a notification for a successful copy. This makes it easier for users to share their account details with others.

There is also an Easter egg here. If you continue clicking to copy, the notification will change each time. There are about 10 variations, progressing from “Double Click” to “Triple Click” and finally “BEYOND GODLIKE!!!!“.

Discord username ID number BEYOND GODLIKE

This is a reference to Unreal Tournament/Quake III announcer sound effects. These sound effects have been included in many other video games and mods.

Discord Printer

On both the site and computer app, you may come across a link to www.printer.discord.com. Clicking on this link will take you to a video named Computer Man. It’s a longer version of the original 1-minute Computer Man video from a show in the late 80s called Vid Kids.

Error 404/Snek

If you try to access a Discord website that doesn’t exist, you will land on a 404 page.

On this page is an animation of Discord’s Robo Hamster mashing on a keyboard. Next to the little robot, there is a button in a color that makes it stand out from the rest of the animation.

Discord Robo Hamster next to button

Clicking it will start a game called “Snek.” The gameplay is identical to the classic Snake game.

Music Arrows

Did you know that Discord has a hidden menu to display all its keyboard shortcuts? You can access it by pressing Ctrl and /. This hidden menu also has another secret. Each arrow key on your keyboard plays a different note.

Discord music arrows

Alternatively, you can click on these arrows with your cursor to play the same notes.

Developer Portal – Rate Limits

If you have any interest in Discord’s development, API, and other important aspects of the application, you have probably ended up on the Developer Portal.

If you go to the rate limits topic, look for a colon with a hyperlink. The link will redirect you to takeb1nzyto.space.

Akuma Raging Demon

This Easter egg is also accessible through the shortcut menu.

Input Ctrl + / and then type this combination: H, H, right arrow, N K. If the combination is entered correctly, it should prompt a short amination. This is a reference to an iconic attack from Street Fighter, originally performed on Bison by Akuma.

Discord One instant a thousand strikes
One instant, a thousand strikes.


Whenever a server is boosted, a notification is automatically posted in the general chat. There is a small boost crystal next to the notification. If you hover over it with your cursor, it starts spraying confetti.

Discord Wumpus and confetti

Hovering over the crystal multiple times will cause the Discord Wumpus to appear and start throwing confetti too.

Mobile Only

There are also a few Easter eggs for the mobile version of Discord:

AMOLED Dark Mode

Like the desktop app, the mobile version of Discord includes a light and dark theme. Users with an OLED (AMOLED) display, such as the last 4-5 generations of Samsung flagships, the latest iPhones, and others, have access to an AMOLED optimized dark mode.

To access this secret dark mode, Open Discord, go to User Settings, and then Appearance. In here, tap on “Dark” about 10 times. This will reveal a new setting called “AMOLED Optimized Mode.

If you activate this, most of the Discord interface will switch to completely black. This choice is only beneficial for OLEDs since they are the sole mobile screens that can achieve genuine pitch black by shutting down pixels.

Ultra-Light Mode

This isn’t exactly a feature like AMOLED Optimized Mode and is more of an Easter egg/meme, but you can access it almost identically. Go to Appearance again but tap on “Light” about six times instead.

The screen will become totally blank, a message saying “When light theme isn’t enough” will pop up, and your flash will activate. After a couple of seconds, the application will return to normal.

Removed Easter Eggs

Discord’s app has existed for years and has undergone many updates in that time. Unfortunately, some of those updates mean the developers have removed some of the Easter eggs.

Mario Box

In 2019, and for a couple of years before that, Discord’s front-page layout included coins and a mystery box from the legendary Mario games.

Discord front page and Mario Games mystery box

Clicking on the box with a question mark multiple times would cause random Mario-related items to come out of the box. This included items such as mushrooms, invincibility stars, coins, and more.

After 2019, the front-page layout was changed, and the box was removed.

Dubstep Ringtone

Until an update in July 2020, there was a small chance that Discord’s default call ringtone would change to a dubstep version. Supposedly, the chance to hear the dubstep ringtone was 1 in 1000 calls.

Final Words

That’s it for Discord’s Easter eggs. It’s entirely possible that new secrets will be added with updates, and others will be removed. As always, we will be here to cover those changes.

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