How To Block Someone On Twitch

Ignoring or blocking someone on Twitch is easy, fortunately. Here's the only guide you'll ever need on how to block someone on Twitch.

Twitch is an online entertainment platform where you can meet many people with the same interests as you. If you’re looking for teammates to play with or simply someone to chat about games with, Twitch is the perfect place to find them.

Despite the majority of social interactions on Twitch being positive ones, you should be prepared to encounter some individuals who aren’t interested in chatting and prefer to spend their time arguing or harassing users in the chat.

Trying to convince internet trolls is tough, so blocking them on Twitch is a key tool to safeguard yourself online.

This guide will teach you how to use it.

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How To Ignore And Block On Twitch And The Difference Between The Two

Before we take a closer look at the block function on Twitch, it’s important to understand the difference between ignoring a user and blocking them.

Both functions ultimately serve the same objective: they assist you in preventing harassment on the platform. However, one of these is less grave, while the other is more severe.

Twitch’s Ignore Function – How To Use It

The Twitch development team takes harassment and spam on the platform very seriously. This is why they have made it so easy to ignore another user.

Twitch users generally rely on this command to reduce the number of messages they see from bots and people who enjoy spamming chats by copying and pasting content.

spammy messages on Twitch
An example of “spammy” messages on Twitch.

To ignore someone on Twitch, you only need to enter a simple chat command. If you don’t know how to, take a look at the steps below.

  1. Open Twitch in your preferred browser and sign in to your account.
  2. Load up a stream you want to watch and wait until you have connected to the chat room.
  3. Once you see a message from a user you want to ignore, type /ignore theirusername in the chatbox and press Enter on your keyboard. See the image below for further guidance.
    how to ignore and unignore someone on Twitch

If you want to ignore a user without having to retype their username, you can copy and paste it instead. If the chat is moving too quickly, you can pause the chatbox by scrolling up slightly using your mouse wheel.

Note: Ignoring someone on Twitch means you won’t see their messages in chat rooms or anything they message you privately using the whisper function.

If you only want to ignore someone temporarily, you can undo this action by using the /unignore command, as shown in the image above.

That covers how to ignore other users on Twitch. It’s now time to learn how to block people on Twitch as a more serious solution for harassment and spam.  

Twitch’s Block Function – How To Use It

Blocking someone on Twitch prevents them from contacting you in any way. It also removes them from your friend list, so if a former friend has become toxic, blocking them removes the problem.

Twitch Block User Confirmation Window
The “Block User” Confirmation Window – Twitch.

If you are unsure how to block on Twitch, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Twitch in your chosen browser and sign in to your account.
  2. Load a stream you want to watch and wait until you are connected to the chat room.
  3. If you see a message that you find offensive for any reason and you want to block the user who sent it, click on their username.
  4. The user’s “user card” will open. On it, there will be three vertical dots right next to the whisper button. Click on the three dots, and an additional menu will appear. Select the block option, as indicated by the image below.
    clicking three dots and block option on Twitch
  5. When you click Block, a window will appear, asking you to confirm your decision.

You have now successfully blocked a Twitch user. They won’t be able to host you, subscribe to your channel, purchase gifts or subscriptions for other users in your channel, communicate in your chat, or whisper to you.

Blocking a person also deletes them from your list of supporters and your buddy list. It also stops them from adding you as a buddy anytime later, as mentioned in this official Twitch article discussing the Block Users feature on the site.

Accessing Your List Of Blocked Users And Unblocking A User On Twitch

If you blocked someone by mistake, or you changed your mind and want to unblock them, you can do it by following the steps below:

  1. Open Twitch and log into your account.
  2. Click your avatar located in the top-right corner of Twitch’s home screen. Choose Settings from the menu.
  3. In the Settings panel, click Security and Privacy. Scroll down until you see a section named “Blocked Users,” which is under the Privacy heading.
    Show Blocked Users button under Twitch Security and Privacy
  4. Click Show Blocked Users to expand the list. You can manage it by searching, adding, and removing users from it.

Activating Chat Filters On Twitch

Twitch has algorithms responsible for keeping the chat clean and user-friendly at all times. Unfortunately, users sometimes discover ways to bypass them. Generally, however, filters will improve your overall chat experience on the platform.

Implementing these filters on Twitch will decrease the amount of users you have to manually ignore or block, as their messages will be automatically filtered.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Twitch in your browser and log into your account.
  2. Load a stream you want to watch and wait until you are connected to the chat room.
  3. Click the cogwheel icon in the bottom-right corner of the chat and select Chat Filters.
  4. Once the list of filter types appears on your screen, activate each one you want to use by ticking the buttons next to them. See the animated image below for further guidance.
    activating chat filters on Twitch

Note: The image above is taken from Twitch’s official guide covering managing harassment on the platform. Take the time to read each option carefully for a better overall experience while using Twitch.

You have now successfully activated Twitch’s filters. Depending on the restrictions you have activated, you should no longer see any messages that violate Twitch’s community and social guidelines.


Some users like seeing the silly messages that Twitch’s chat is famous for. They say it is part of what makes the platform special. Other users prefer to keep their chat clean and friendly, especially if they watch streams with younger family members.

You now know how to manage the chat settings on Twitch and ensure you don’t see messages from other users that you find offensive. You have also learned how to block a user when it’s necessary.

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