How To Mark Spoilers On Discord

Want to learn how to do spoilers on Discord? You can do spoilers on text messages, images and on mobile. Here is a super simple guide!

Today’s top servers on Discord are related to Valorant, Genshin Impact, World of Warcraft, and many other games, TV series, anime, movies, etc.

While chatting about these kinds of topics, it’s imperative to be careful not to spoil important content elements for other people! Because of this, it is recommended to use spoilers.

Here is a quick guide on how to mark spoilers on Discord so you can utilize this useful feature.

How To Mark Text Spoilers

Open Discord, type in your message (DM or text channel), highlight it with your mouse and then click on the ‘eye icon’ (Mark as Spoiler).

This will automatically spoiler anything you have highlighted. Press ‘Enter,’ and you’re done! If, for some reason, the icon doesn’t show up for you, don’t worry; there’s an alternative.

The alternative is to use Discord’s built-in chat formatting (Markdown syntax).

Example: || Avengers Spoilers||

How To Mark Image Spoilers

Adding a spoiler to an image is slightly different because you can’t use Discord’s Markdown syntax. But it’s still super easy. Instead, when you upload a photo to a text channel, a confirmation pop-up will appear. On this pop-up, you need to check ‘Mark as spoiler.’


How To Mark Spoilers On Mobile

If your preferred device is a mobile phone, you’ll probably want to know how to mark spoilers on that platform too.

Basically, it works the same as on a PC. Highlight the text and click on ‘Mark as spoiler’ (no eye icon this time). Additionally, you can use the markdown syntax here too.

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