How To Mark Spoilers On Discord

Want to learn how to do spoilers on Discord? You can do spoilers on text messages, images and on mobile. Here is a super simple guide!

Many of today’s top Discord servers are related to Valorant, Genshin Impact, World of Warcraft, and many other games, TV shows, anime, and movies.

When discussing these entertainment topics, it’s crucial not to ruin the plot or other elements! Discord helps with this by allowing you to label messages as spoilers.

This is a quick guide on how to mark spoilers on Discord and protect other users.

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How To Mark Text Spoilers

On Discord, type your message (DM or text channel), highlight it with your mouse, then click the ‘peeper symbol’ (Mark as Spoiler).

Any text you have highlighted will automatically be marked spoiler. Press Enter, and you’re finished! If the icon doesn’t appear for you, don’t worry. There’s another option.

You can opt to utilize Discord’s preinstalled chat formatting (Markup syntax).

Example: || Avengers Spoilers||

How To Mark Image Spoilers

Including a spoiler on an image is a bit distinct because Discord’s Markdown syntax cannot be utilized. Nonetheless, it remains quite straightforward. Once you upload an image to a text channel, a confirmation pop-up will emerge. In this pop-up, you simply have to tick the box that says ‘Mark as spoiler.

How To Mark Spoilers On Discord

That is all you have to do!

How To Mark Spoilers On Mobile

If the device you prefer to use is a mobile phone, you’ll also need to comprehend how to indicate spoilers on it.

It works very similarly to how it does on a PC. Highlight the text and press ‘Mark as spoiler’ (no eye icon this time). You can also use markdown syntax here.

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