How To Show Member Count In Discord

Checking the member count in your Discord server often helps control its growth. Here's a quick guide on how to show member count in Discord.

Running a server on Discord can quickly become a full-time job once it starts filling up with hundreds of members.

It’s essential to control this growth and not let it get out of hand. To do that, you will need to check all the new members and the member count often.

This guide will tell you exactly how you can do that.

Let’s get right to it!

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How To Show Discord Server’s Member Count

Here are the necessary steps to show the server member count:

  1. First, open Discord.
  2. Now select a server on the left-side panel.
    Discord Server
  3. You should see a two-person silhouette icon in the server screen’s top-right corner.
    expanding Discord server member list
  4. You’ll see the server’s member list expand once you click it. Here you can see how many users are offline or online. The sum of those two numbers will be the total member count of the server.
    Discord Users

Checking Discord Member Count Through Server Settings

If there are too many assigned roles on the server, you’ll have to add every single number next to the role to come up with the total number of members.

But why do that if there is a more straightforward solution? Check it out:

  1. Click on the server name (top-left).
  2. Select Server Settings.
    selecting Server Settings in Discord
  3. Select the Members tab.
  4. And right above the users, you should see the total member count.
    Discord Server Members

While you’re here, you can use the Prune feature to kick all members that have been inactive for more than 7 or 30 days, depends which option you select.

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