What Is A Discord Server Boost And Is It Worth It?

What does a Discord server boost do and is it actually worth it? What are the benefits? Here's a super simple guide to help you decide.

Server boosts can bring several perks to a Discord server. However, these boosts aren’t free, which is why it’s important to discuss whether or not they are worth it.

To come to some kind of conclusion, we have explored all of the different server boost levels, perks, and costs.

Keep in mind that this article will cover everything about server boosts, but it is ultimately up to you to decide whether or not they are worth the cost.

Let’s get started!

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What Is A Server Boost?

Discord Nitro is a $10 per month subscription that is tied to a user’s account. The benefits are also limited to the individual user.

Server boosts are one of Discord’s primary ways of making money, and they work similarly to Nitro. However, there are key differences. With server boosts, the perks are tied to a specific server and any member can use them.

Level 1 perks will need two boosts.

Level 2 bonuses will require seven boosts.

Level 3 perks will need fourteen boosts.

Discord Server boosts level 1 to 3

Boosting one server costs $5, therefore boosting fourteen times would cost $70 for a server to unlock those level 3 benefits. That is a significant amount of money to pay every month.

However, an individual user doesn’t have to pay for all of those boosts. Instead, each member of the server can contribute. From this perspective, level 2 or 3 boosts in a large server will no longer seem as expensive.

By dividing those fourteen boosts among fourteen people, the individual cost will only be a $5 monthly membership.

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Server Boost Perks

Different levels provide different benefits. Let’s see exactly what each level offers.

  • 50 additional server emoji slots
  • 15 additional custom sticker slots
  • 128 Kbps audio quality
  • Animated server icon
  • Custom server invite background
  • 720p 60FPS streaming
  • 3-day archive option for threads

Those are all of the level 1 perks. Let’s look at the perks of a level 2 boost.

  • Another 50 additional server emoji slots (total 150)
  • Animated server icon
  • Custom server invite background
  • 1080p 60FPS streaming
  • 1-week archive option for threads
  • Custom Role icons
  • Create private threads
Discord server boost perks

Finally, here are the benefits you can enjoy from a level 3 boost.

  • 100 additional server emoji slots (total 250)
  • 30 additional custom sticker slots (total 60)
  • 384 Kbps audio quality
  • Unique URL for the server
  • 100MB upload limit for all members

Considering level 3 requires 14 server boosts, the return on investment isn’t particularly impressive. Some of the notable perks include better audio quality, a vanity URL, and a 300MB upload limit, but overall, we’re unsure whether level 3 is worth it.

However, in a server with hundreds or even thousands of members, buying 14 boosts should be easily achievable.

Are Discord Server Boosts Worth It?

With all this information in mind, are server boosts worth it? Yes, they definitely are. The extra features can improve everyone’s experience in the server, and they are affordable, especially if boosting as a group.

However, if you only want to enjoy these benefits for yourself, we recommend subscribing to Discord Nitro instead.

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