Best Twitch Bots 2023

Every Twitch chat needs a bot, that's a fact. Here is a list of all the best Twitch bots that you can get for your Twitch channel right now.

Growing your Twitch channel is satisfying, but as your view count keeps increasing, things can and most likely will start getting out of control.

That is why developers combined their skills and knowledge to create a Twitch bot, which broadcasters immediately recognized as something practical and with much potential. After that, it didn’t take too long before the market became overcrowded with similar products.

With that said, if you are now looking to choose the right Twitch bot for your channel, it can be a difficult decision to make, especially if you don’t have the time to test all bots one by one. Luckily, we’re here to assist you, so without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best choices to consider.

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1. Nightbot

When it comes to Twitch bots with a good reputation and multi-platform support, Nightbot is worthy of mention.

This Twitch bot is used by many S-tier streamers for a good reason. It features an easy-to-navigate dashboard with many customization options, spam filters, chat commands, and much more.

But, the many features and customization options are not the only reason why Nightbot is so widely used across different streaming platforms.

Nightbot is very easy to set up, which is why it’s often a go-to choice for beginner streamers and those looking to test a bot on their channel for the first time. Additionally, we have a helpful guide covering everything you should know about Nightbot and how to set it up on your channel correctly and with ease.

It’s also a cloud-hosted bot, meaning you can quickly get it up and running without downloading any files to your computer. Super helpful if this is your first time testing out Twitch bots and you want to do things quickly. If you are unsatisfied with how the bot works, this download-free method also allows you to move on to a different choice without spending time deleting files from your computer. 

If you already have the bot set up on your channel, these 10 Nightbot commands will help you get started.

With Nightbot being so popular amongst streamers of all levels comes a benefit that’s not easy to ignore, which is the massive community support.

If you ever run into a problem using this popular Twitch bot, finding a solution will only take a few minutes, as thousands of other users were in your situation at some point and posted their solutions online to help everyone else. That’s the perk of opting for a widely-used Twitch bot with significant community support.  

With that said, Nightbot is considered to be the best Twitch chatbot and an all-in-one moderation solution for both beginner and experienced streamers.

However, there are still other options available on the market for those who may not appreciate Nightbot or simply don’t find it that helpful, with the most deserving rival being Moobot which we’ll discuss in the following section below.

2. Moobot

Moobot is another widely-used option for individuals who want to automate moderation and add personalized commands to their Twitch channel.

Developed in a user-friendly way and packed with a registration-free login system, it’s one of the best bots for Twitch.

Moobot is so much more than just a regular chatbot, though, as it allows you to organize giveaways easily, start polls, schedule and repeat posts throughout your broadcast, allow viewers to request and play songs, and a lot more.

It also has built-in support for some of the most widely-used computer programs in the world of gaming, such as Discord, and game support for popular titles such as League of Legends, Valorant, Apex Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and more.

When it comes to complimentary bots for Twitch, it’s a mistake to not explore Moobot further.

Setting this Twitch bot is also very simple, even if it’s your first time configuring something like this on your channel. We have a helpful step-by-step guide on how to do it if you’re looking to get started.

There isn’t much else to say about Moobot besides that it’s a highly-functional, helpful and free solution that will help you take your streaming experience to a whole different level. This, and the fact it is a community-funded project that doesn’t plague its users with ads or scams or sell their data for profit.

The developer is active on Twitter, constantly asking for ideas and implementing them to improve the overall user experience, which is always a significant plus.   

It might not be as popular as Nightbot, and it certainly doesn’t have as much community support. But, it is a contender you should seriously consider when looking for a reliable product that works wonders when configured correctly.

3. Streamlabs Cloudbot

Built and advertised as the best chatbot for Twitch and YouTube, the Streamlabs Cloudbot is a well-known product on the market thanks to the Streamlabs live streaming & recording software developed by the same company.

It’s a user-friendly bot with a lot of community support and a strong dev team behind it, keeping it up-to-date with the latest trends & features.

However, you’ll need to engage in the Streamlabs Prime Program if you want to access extra features such as overlays, multistream, and sponsorships, which some users don’t like.

When it comes to setting up the bot itself, there are a few things you need to do, but the process itself is not complicated, and thankfully, there are helpful videos, such as the one below, that can guide you through the entire process with ease.

If unique stream features seem attractive to you and you think they’ll make your stream more enjoyable, taking the time to configure the Streamlabs Cloudbot is worth it.

Since this product is already quite popular amongst the streaming community, you won’t have any trouble finding video resources, tutorials, and text-based guides on setting up different features. All this makes it an exceptional choice for both beginners and advanced streamers.

Lastly, since this product is relatively new to the market compared to Moobot and Nightbot, it still has a lot to prove to become the community’s favorite, and you’ll often see users recommending other choices over it.

But, objectively speaking, it’s a solid product, and if you are already using Streamlabs as your broadcasting software of choice, implementing a Twitch bot made by the same company surely seems like an attractive choice.  

4. OWN3D Pro Chatbot

If you’re in the streaming world for some time now, you’ve likely heard about OWN3D, a website dedicated to help streamers with various things, such as overlays, emotes, sounds, and more.

Well, OWN3D also created a chatbot that’s ranked amongst the best bots for Twitch, and we wholeheartedly recommend it if you’re an aspiring Twitch streamer. It’s part of the OWN3D Pro program that’s basically an all-in-one solution for anyone looking to take their stream to the next level.

The OWN3D Pro Chatbot is “equipped” with all the most important features a broadcaster would need to replace human moderators and cut down on costs. Caps-lock protection, profanity filter, link protection, banned words restriction, and a lot more.

You can take a look at this helpful video for a further explanation!

If you decide to go with the OWN3D Pro streaming kit, we are confident you’ll make a good decision that will result in positive channel growth.


When choosing the best Twitch bot for your channel, there are many options to consider, but what seems to matter the most to users is the ease of setup and functionality, which we kept in mind while creating this guide.

Each of the above-listed choices provides the right tools and features for beginner and experienced streamers. The main differences are the community support, product popularity, and setup convenience.

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