Best Twitch Alerts 2023

If you have a Twitch channel, you need to have some good Twitch alerts. Here is the ultimate list of the best Twitch alerts you can get right now.

Streaming on Twitch is entertaining because you can personalize your channel to match your interests and the showcase you want to demonstrate to your viewers.

When it comes to personalization, one of the first things you should take care of is your alerts.

As a Twitch streamer, you’ll constantly receive various alerts for donations, subscriptions, followers, and a lot more, so why not use the chance to make them both entertaining for the audience and pleasant for you?

Sounds like a good idea? Not sure where to start? Worry not, we cover this and a lot more in the guide below.

Let’s get started.

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Different Types Of Twitch Alerts


Below you can find the various types of Twitch alerts broadcasters configure/add to their channels for a more successful and entertaining stream.

Alert for new followers

This is the most common one, as even those on their first day of streaming will most likely receive a few followers until the end of the session. The follower alert is probably the most frequently used Twitch alert.

Warning for subscribers

Receiving new channel subscribers is slightly less common than receiving new followers, but it does happen quite often, especially if you are an already well-established broadcaster. These can also be different based on the subscription tier.

Warning for contributions

Donations are probably the best thing you can receive on Twitch as a streamer. Therefore, these alerts are usually special and eye-catching, often accompanied by cheerful sound effects, celebration GIFs or animations, and a lot more.

Alerts for raids

One of the slightly less-common alerts but still very important. Almost every successful Twitch streamer has a custom channel raid notification (alert) for their stream. It’s worth putting a bit of effort into this as well, as raids are always glorious, especially when coming from a more successful streamer.

Now that you are aware of what kinds of notifications you may require, it’s time to examine a few of the best options you can trust.

1. Stream Alerts By

On OWN3D’s website, you can find various packages and series with different Twitch alerts, which is a great thing since you’ll be able to choose whatever matches your channel’s theme the most. The price for each package is different, and some designs are more expensive than others, but there are often sales with amazing discounts allowing you to get the best deal for your money.

When it comes to making the right choice, the alerts on own3D’s website are all listed in a way that helps you figure out whether the pack is the right one for you or not. For example, there are icons indicating the number of supported languages, whether the pack is new, if it’s a bestseller, currently discounted, and a lot more. stream alerts icons

On top of that, you can use the filtering system that allows you to sort by color, game, event, style, and language, which makes finding the right Twitch alerts pack for your channel so easy. stream alerts filtering system

But, even by using this filtering system, it will still be difficult for you to choose as there are hundreds of different designs, some even made to perfectly match the theme of a specific game. For example, this Twitch alerts package is designed for Riot Games’ Competitive Shooter Valorant.

Besides the Twitch notifications available on this website, you can also find a lot of other helpful visuals and animations for your channel.

Overall, is a great source for everything you need to make your stream look professional.

2. Nerd or Die

If you’re looking to upgrade anything on your Twitch channel, including Twitch alert animations, graphics, overlays, backgrounds, and alerts, Nerd or Die is a great place to consider. It is easy to navigate and frequently offers sales to help you save money on your purchases.

In the alerts section, you can find many different packages at affordable prices, and thanks to the rich collection, you’re almost guaranteed to find something that matches your channel’s theme.

Nerd or Die alerts packages

If it’s your first time purchasing a package for your streaming needs, Nerd or Die is a great choice due to the rich description provided upon looking further into a specific package.

When you find the one you like, clicking on it takes you to a separate page where you can see everything that’s included, as well as a demo and often video tutorials as well. Super helpful for someone completely new to all of this.

You can even use the files provided in these packages to put together your own free animated Twitch alerts.

Overall, alert packages listed on Nerd or Die are quite reasonable, with some of them starting at just two dollars. Well worth the money as the files are immediately ready to be used during your broadcasts.

The best thing about this website is the ability to purchase entire stream packages that have everything you need to stream successfully, including overlays, background, animations, and alerts as well, which comes out a lot cheaper than purchasing all of those elements individually. 

3. Freesound

Freesound logo

Freesound is not exactly a site that focuses on making and sharing Twitch-related stuff, but it’s a platform where you can get various audio for free. This is very useful when you’re low on funds, allowing you to create your own free Twitch alerts.

It’s also a great option when you already have the visual aspect of your alerts completed, and you’re simply seeking to combine it with complimentary, high-quality audio at no cost.

If you have just a bit of audio-designing experience, you can use the rich library of sounds available at Freesound to create your fully custom alerts for each category.


Putting together your Twitch alerts can be tricky, but not if you know where to look for templates, graphics, animations, and sounds.

By using the three sources listed in the guide above, you should be able to create your unique visual style and take your Twitch broadcast to the next level with ease.

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