How To Add Commands On Twitch

Twitch commands are useful and a must-have for every Twitch channel. Here's a simple guide on how to add commands on Twitch with ease.

Twitch commands allow the channel owner, and all assigned moderators, to take a break from answering hundreds of questions during a broadcast. Commands can also be very useful for performing certain tasks, initiating raids, and much more.

If you are just starting out on Twitch, you’re unlikely to be very familiar with using commands or how to set them up in the first place.

Fortunately, this guide contains everything you need to know to make the best use of Twitch commands while streaming.

Let’s start with the essentials!

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What Are Twitch Commands?


Twitch commands bring extra life to chat rooms and can make broadcasts far more enjoyable, for both the channel owner and its viewers.

For example, if you are a streamer who gets asked the same questions repeatedly, it’s much easier to create a command that will pop out the answer in chat instead of answering every viewer individually.

Let’s say you play Dota 2, and you often get asked about your current MMR. You can create a simple chat command so that anytime a viewer types “!CurrentRating,” for example, a Twitch chatbot will answer the question for you.

That would be a custom command, which we cover in the next section.

Once you get used to all the benefits, it will be impossible to imagine streaming without chat commands, especially if you already have a large audience and a very active chat.

Twitch has included ready-to-use chat commands that you can utilize immediately. Streamers do not need to personally include them in their channels with bots.

A few examples are:

  • /clear – completely wipes the chat history.
  • /subscribers – prevents non-subscribed users from speaking in your chat room.
  • /slow – prevents rapid messaging in your chat room.
  • /ban – lets you ban someone from your channel.

There are many more preset chat commands you can use on Twitch. For a detailed list, check the official article from Twitch on this topic.

What about specific channels that require a bit more customization? Well, that’s where custom commands come into play.

Adding Custom Twitch Commands

Letting viewers know how long you’ve been broadcasting, displaying your age, boasting about fitness personal achievements, promoting social media accounts, and much more is possible with custom Twitch commands.

To use personalized Twitch commands, you will need a Twitch bot. There are numerous bots out there but, for this example, we’ll use Moobot, one of the most favored options available.

Another popular option is Nightbot and it is worth mentioning as thousands of streamers use it across various platforms.

Here’s how to start:

  1. Open Moobot’s homepage in your preferred browser and click Connect with Twitch.
    Moobot homepage
  2. Sign in to your Twitch account by typing in your credentials. You will be asked to grant Moobot access to your dashboard. Click Authorize to allow it.
  3. The Moobot dashboard will open, and you will have the option to be taken through a quick tour or to skip this step if you are already familiar with the bot.
  4. Grant Moobot a moderator status in your channel by clicking the green magic wand on your screen.

Reminder: You can also appoint Moobot as a chat moderator by starting your stream, entering the chat room, and typing: “/mod moobot” and then ” !moobot rejoin”.

You are now ready to start creating custom channel commands. Follow the steps below to create your first command:

  1. Open the Commands menu from the main Moobot menu. Click on Custom Commands in the list of options.
  2. In the field where it says “command name,” type a name for the command. This is what users will need to type in the chat to activate the command. Then, click Create.
  3. In the field where it says “response,” type in the command’s response. Don’t forget to click Save when done.
    For example, if the command name is “age,” and the response is “27”, when a viewer types “!age” in your chat, Moobot will let them know you’re 27 years old.
  4. Repeat this process for every other command you want to create.

You can also choose to make the command post itself automatically while chat is active, by ticking this option while creating it. See the image below.

Moobot automatically post command while chat is active

Now that you know how to create custom Twitch chat commands, let’s take a look at some interesting suggestions in case you run out of ideas to add to your chat.

Ideas For Twitch Commands And Usage

Depending on your channel’s theme, there are many useful chat commands you can use to improve both your and your viewers’ experience.

From what we have noticed, here are the instructions streamers employ to lessen the burden for both themselves and their moderators.

Note: These are all ideas for custom commands that you must create on your own by using the previously described method.

For Just Chatting Channels:

Twitch Chat 1
  • !instagram – Displays the streamer’s Instagram so viewers can follow them.
  • !socials – Displays all socials at once so viewers can follow them. This is often set as an automatic command that posts itself.
  • !age – Shows the streamer’s age.
  • !location – Shows the streamer’s current location. Useful for when your stream focuses on traveling and vlogging.
  • !schedule – Displays the streamer’s broadcasting schedule so viewers can tune in to upcoming streams.
  • !pets – Displays information about the streamer’s pets.

For Channels Focusing On Competitive Games:

Twitch Games
  • !currentrating – Displays the streamer’s in-game rating, division, rank, or MMR.
  • !sens – Displays the streamer’s in-game mouse sensitivity, which is very important in first-person shooter games.
  • !settings – Displays the streamer’s in-game settings, including resolution, video effects quality, and more.
  • !challenge – Displays a currently active challenge, if there are any.

For Fitness Channels:

Twitch Fitness
  • !stats – Shows the streamer’s height, weight, and body fat percentage.
  • !challenge – Shows information about the current fitness challenge.
  • !personalbest – Shows the streamer’s personal best records for specific exercises.

General Useful Commands For All Twitch Channels

Twitch Commands
  • !giveaway – Displays information about an upcoming giveaway.
  • !music – Information about the current song, such as the song name and artist.
  • !uptime – Shows how long the streamer has been broadcasting this session.
  • !subscribers – Shows the current subscriber count or current subscriber streak.
  • !followers – Displays the current number of channel followers.

These are only some ideas. If you need something more specific for your channel, you can always create a unique command in Moobot or Nightbot.  


Now you know how to create your own custom Twitch chat commands, which are very useful and can often replace moderators.

If you are currently a less well-known streamer, bots can probably moderate your channel entirely on their own, as well as help you answer any repetitive questions from viewers.

Use this knowledge to reduce the distractions while you focus on what matters most: creating quality content and entertaining your audience.

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