Fix: Twitch Emotes Not Showing

Are your Twitch emotes not showing all of a sudden even though you have all the required extensions and whatnot? Here are all the possible fixes.

The primary objective of Twitch is live streaming, but it has numerous other features that amplify the experience of watching broadcasts.

One of these features is the iconic Twitch chat, where much of the magic happens. Thanks to Twitch’s creative community, participating in a chatroom can be as much fun as watching a stream itself.

Some elements of Twitch’s chat, such as emotes, have grown to become popular features in their own right. Some emotes date back to the earliest days of Twitch when the platform was still called, and they represent the history and unique culture of the site.

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The Problem Explained

As you can probably tell, emotes are taken quite seriously on Twitch, which is why users can become very concerned when theirs don’t appear in a chat.

Unfortunately, there’s a known bug on Twitch that causes users to be unable to see their emotes.

Twitch bug not showing emotes
A confused Twitch user addressing the bug on Reddit.

Luckily, this is not a major bug. If you know which methods to apply, you can solve the problem in just a few minutes.

If you’re currently dealing with the issue, this guide should come in handy!

Fix 1: Refresh Your Browser

The quickest solution you can attempt is to simply refresh your browser. This is a sensible first fix as it will only require a few seconds of your time, and according to some community members, it helped them overcome the issue.

Ctrl F5 forced page reload

If this doesn’t work, you can move on to some of the other fixes.

Fix 2: Disable All Possibly-Interfering Browser Extensions

Many Twitch users utilize extensions to enhance their viewing experience. Unfortunately, these extensions sometimes cause more harm than good.

Some Reddit users report that disabling any Twitch-related extensions can solve the problem. To test this, you can open your browser in incognito mode, as most extensions are set to be disabled during private browsing by default.

If that isn’t the case, you will need to manually disable your extensions and visit Twitch again. Check if you can now see the emotes in your messages. It’s possible that an extension has been interfering with the way Twitch displays graphics.

Any extensions that modify the appearance of Twitch or change the layout of the chat are the likeliest causes of emote issues.

Fix 3: Check Your Internet Connection

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes the strength of your internet connection can negatively affect your Twitch experience. If your connection is too weak, you might not be able to see emotes at all.

To check whether or not this is the case, pay close attention to how emotes are displayed. If you can’t see them and broken image icons appear instead, the problem might be caused by your internet connection.

You can use free online websites to test your connection’s speed. One of the most reliable and easiest to use is Speedtest by Ookla.

If you see below-average results on these tests, your problem is most likely caused by a weak internet connection.  

However, if the tests come back as normal, you will have to attempt another solution.

Fix 4: Use A Different Browser

Chrome and Firefox are the two most popular browsers among Twitch users, but sometimes it’s best to use an alternative application. Changing your browser could help you quickly overcome the issue you’re dealing with.

using different browser to show Twitch emotes
A Reddit user swapping their browser of choice to overcome the problem.

If you are unsure which browser to choose, we have a guide covering this topic in detail. It should help you decide, so check it out! 


Now you know how to fix the Twitch Emotes Not Showing problem. You should be able to have fun using the Twitch chat, and your emotes again.

If you want to learn more about emotes, there’s a website named Twitchemotes. It lets you view the usage of each emote on a specific day, assisting you in easily staying updated on what’s presently popular and trending.

If you’re curious about the origin of emotes and the meaning behind each one, this informative guide will help you learn more.

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