Fix: Twitch Emotes Not Showing

Are your Twitch emotes not showing all of a sudden even though you have all the required extensions and whatnot? Here are all the possible fixes.

Although the primary purpose of is live streaming, it’s the other extra features that make watching broadcasts so enjoyable.

Of course, one of those features is the legendary Twitch chat- this is where all the magic happens. And, thanks to the creative community, participating in a chatroom is as fun as watching the stream.

Some elements of Twitch’s chat, such as emotes, grew to become very popular trends. Certain emotes originate from the earliest days of Twitch, back when the website was called, and represent the platform’s culture and spirit.

The Problem Explained

As you can already guess, emotes are taken very seriously on Twitch, which is why users are signaling the red light when theirs stop showing in chat.

Unfortunately, there’s a known bug on the platform causing users to be unable to see their emotes.

A confused user addressing the bug on Reddit.

Thankfully, this is not a serious bug, and if you know which methods to apply, you can solve it in just under a few minutes.

If you’re currently dealing with this, the guide below will come in handy!

Fix 1: Refresh Your Browser

The quickest solution you can try is refreshing your browser. It doesn’t hurt to do this as it takes just a few seconds of your time, and according to some community members, it helped overcome the issue.

If it doesn’t work, you can move on to some of the other fixes.

Fix 2: Disable All Possibly-Interfering Browser Extensions

Most Twitch users rely on extensions to enhance their watching experience. But, these extensions sometimes cause more harm than good.

According to what Reddit users had to say, disabling Twitch-related extensions can solve the problem. To do this easily, you can load up your browser in incognito mode, as most extensions are set to be disabled during private browsing by default.

If that’s not the case, manually disable your extensions and try loading Twitch. See if you can now view the emotes in your messages. Chances are that an extension is interfering with the way Twitch displays graphics.

Extensions that modify the way Twitch looks or change the layout of the chat might be the most troublesome.

Fix 3: Check Your Internet Connection

Although most of us refuse to believe it, the strength of our internet connection can sometimes impact our experience on Twitch. And if a weak connection is in question, you won’t be able to see emotes at all.

However, to know whether this is the case or not, pay close attention to how the emotes are displayed. If you don’t see them and instead see the broken image icons, then the problem might be your internet connection.

You can use free online websites to benchmark your connection’s speed. One of the easiest ones to use is speedtest by Ookla.

If you get below-average results on these tests, the problem might be caused by a weak internet connection.  

But, if the tests show normal results, try another solution from the list below.  

Fix 4: Use A Different Browser

Although Chrome and Firefox are the two most popular browsers used for Twitch, sometimes it’s better to stray off a bit and use an alternative product. So changing your browser might help with the problem you’re facing at the moment.

A Reddit user swapping their browser of choice to overcome the problem.

If you are not sure which browser to choose, we have a guide covering this topic thoroughly, and it might be of good use to you, so definitely check it out! 


Now you know how to fix the Twitch Emotes Not Showing problem. So have fun using the Twitch chat, and your emotes freely.

If you want to learn more about emotes, there’s a website called Twitchemotes, which lets you see the usage of each emote on any given day, allowing you to easily keep track of what’s popular and trending at the moment.

If you’re interested in the origin of emotes and looking for the meaning behind each one, this informative guide will help you learn more.

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