Fix: You Are Not Eligible For This Purchase On Twitch

Are you getting the "You are not eligible for this purchase on Twitch" error on Twitch? Don't worry, this guide shows you exactly how to fix this issue.

Twitch is a platform where purchases can enhance the user experience. These include paying for subscriptions, buying bits for donations, and much more.

These subscription fees and so-called “microtransactions” contribute to a significant part of the website, and they need to process properly to avoid your enjoyment being interrupted.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case on Twitch. The You Are Not Eligible For This Purchase On Twitch error has left many of the platform’s users confused and frustrated.

Purchase Not Complete Twitch

If you have recently experienced this error or you’re still dealing with it, the methods listed in this guide will help you overcome the problem.

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Fix 1: Use A Different Browser

The easiest fix for the You Are Not Eligible For This Purchase On Twitch error is to quickly switch to another browser. Chrome is the most popular browser among Twitch users, but there are also many other alternatives.

We have a detailed guide covering this topic, which you can find here.

If the problem is being caused by your current browser, you can switch to a different one and then switch back after completing the transaction.

Alternatively, you could try clearing the history and cache of your current browser, which might also solve the problem.

Fix 2: Disable Your VPN / Use A VPN

Using a VPN might allow you to purchase items that you otherwise couldn’t, but sometimes the transactions fail. The reason for this is simple.

If the location on your credit card differs from the region where the purchase request is sent from, Twitch could flag it as a potential security issue. In response, they might end up blocking the purchase.

To avoid this, simply disable your VPN until the purchase is completed. You can continue using it again after you subscribe or purchase your bits.

Ironically, under certain circumstances, enabling a VPN could help you solve the same problem! This generally applies to situations where the website blocks purchases from a particular geographical location.

If you live in a country where Twitch purchases are blocked, changing your location by using a VPN might help you overcome the issue.

We have a comprehensive guide covering the best VPNs you can use. You can find it here.  

Fix 3: Wait A Few Minutes And Try Again

Sometimes, payment providers have to deal with more transactions than usual, so they become slow or are unable to complete. If this occurs, there’s nothing you can do other than waiting and trying again later.

The problem could also be related to Twitch’s servers. This is very rare, but it can happen if there is unusually high traffic.

Fix 4: Try A Different Method To See If The Issue Is With Your Account

Some payment providers won’t be accepted by certain services or retailers. The reasons for this are varied, so it’s difficult to predict when it might happen. Twitch could decline purchases from a specific bank or payment provider.

If you suspect this is the case, it might be worth trying a different card or one from another bank.

If the purchase continues to fail, even while using a different payment method, the issue might be account-related.

If this is the case, you should consider contacting Twitch’s Purchase Support team.

Fix 5: Contact Twitch’s Post-Purchase Support Team

Twitch has a responsive and helpful support team dedicated to solving any problems related to the platform. It’s worth contacting them whenever you experience issues with features or a purchase-related problem.

You can find more information about Twitch’s Support Team here, as well as different methods to contact them based on the nature of your request.


The methods listed in this guide should help you solve issues with purchases on Twitch. Judging by a number of threads on Reddit, there are still many questions regarding transaction errors, but not enough answers, at least not official ones.

If you experience issues with payments on Twitch, don’t worry! You are not the only person encountering the problem.

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