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Sharing is caring! Spread the love and share your games with others. Here is a simple guide on how to share games on Steam with ease.

Sharing your game collection with pals or loved ones is a very handy option on Steam. Nonetheless, some users, particularly those who are not proficient with the platform’s functions, might either be oblivious of this feature or have difficulty using it.

The guide below contains everything you should know about Steam library (family) sharing. If you want to learn more about configuring this feature and sharing your games with your close ones, feel free to keep on reading.

Let’s get started.

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What Is Steam Family Library Sharing?

Sharing your account and password with others is highly dangerous and strongly against Steam’s policy. Steam developers have implemented a feature that makes it possible to share your library without providing your login information and credentials.

Steam Family Share – Library Sharing
Steam Family Share – Library Sharing.

Enabling Steam Family Share is a safe and convenient way to let a family member enjoy one or more of your games without needing to make purchases themselves.

However, some users have reported that they found the process somewhat confusing and inconvenient.

Configuring Steam Library Sharing

“How to share Steam library” is a frequent search by users of the platform, a sign that the process is not self-explanatory.

The step-by-step guide below will show you how to share your library from start to finish.

Note: Having Steam Guard active on your account is a must. Be sure to configure it before following the steps below.

  1. Open the Steam client and log in to your account.
  2. Click Steam in the top-left corner and then Settings in the dropdown menu.
    Clicking Steam Settings
  3. The main settings panel will appear on your screen. Click Family and then tick the box next to the “Authorize Library Sharing on this computer” option, as indicated in the image below.
    Steam setting Authorize Library Sharing on this computer
  4. You will now see a list of eligible accounts with which you can share your library. Select an account, or multiple accounts, then complete the process by clicking the “OK” button at the bottom.

If you and the person with whom you want to share your library don’t use the same computer, it is still possible to grant them access. In that case, the person requesting access should do the following:

  1. Log into your Steam account. Ensure Steam Guard is enabled.
  2. If you have previously authorized your account on the computer your family member uses, you will be able to see their games in your library. Select the game that you want to have shared with you and click “Play” to open a window where you can request access.
    Request Access to play game by another Steam user
  3. This will send an e-mail to the game owner with a link they can click to grant you access to the game. You might need to tell them about this via other means if they are known to rarely check their inbox.

If you allow the borrower access to your library, they can play your games. However, there are some vital things you need to know.

Crucial Things To Know About Steam Family Sharing

Steam accounts can be very valuable, particularly if the account owner has cultivated a large game collection over several years.

With that in mind, there are a few serious points you need to consider about library-sharing.

  • If the person you share the library with cheats in a game or commits an act of fraud, your account will likely be banned, regardless of whether or not you were responsible for those actions. Steam support has no way of knowing who is to blame, and there can be serious consequences, especially if a VAC ban is issued as a measure, which is permanent and irreversible.
  • As the owner of your account, you are responsible for any actions taken by others while they play your shared titles.
  • You and a family member cannot play using the same account at the same time, even if you want to play different games.
  • If you already have a VAC ban on your account, you won’t be able to share any games that use Valve’s Anti Cheat system (VAC).

Finally, if you’re sharing a game with downloadable content, the borrower will be able to use the DLC, but only if they don’t own the base game. If they also own the base game, they will need to purchase the DLC themselves to use it.  

For more information on this topic, take the time to read Steam’s official guide addressing Family Library Sharing and more.

Disabling Family Sharing

If you wish to deactivate this feature at any time, the process is almost identical to how you enabled it earlier. Return to the panel where you enabled Steam Family Share, then de-select the user accounts to whom you granted access.

You can also deauthorize computers via the web if you can’t access the client or find it quicker and more convenient this way.


Now you know how to share your Steam library with a family member. Next time they want to try a game but can’t afford it for themselves at the moment, this allows you to help them out.

Please note that, after confirming the library share, the borrower might need to restart their Steam client to view the list of available titles.

If you face any unforeseen problems, please check out the official Steam Family Sharing FAQs section, where common problems and answers are provided.

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