Fix: Failed To Retrieve Stream Key

Are you getting the annoying "failed to retrieve stream key" in Twitch? We have researched this issue and its causes in detail in order to help you fix it.

Setting up and broadcasting your first live stream on Twitch should be an monumental, exhilarating experience. However, it isn’t always smooth sailing.

Twitch is a world-leading streaming platform, but it’s also quite intricate and has many features. As a result, you might encounter problems more often than you would like.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix the “Failed to Retrieve Stream Key” error. If you are impacted by this, read on to discover all the remedies to this widely recognized issue.

Note that Twitch initiated a reset for all streams in October 2021 due to a significant security breach, and all users were notified about the measures via email.

The emailed users received a link to get a new stream key, which is what both we and the Twitch team recommend doing immediately if you haven’t done it yet.

Take care of this before attempting any of the fixes below, as there are very high chances that the problem is caused by this global stream key reset.

Twitch E Mail regarding the massive stream key reset

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What Is A Stream Key?

Every Twitch account has a Stream Key. It comprises multiple characters, including numbers, letters, and symbols.

Twitch Stream Key
An example of how a hidden Stream Key looks in Twitch’s “Creator Dashboard” section.

Most streaming applications require this key, so you won’t be able to launch your live stream until you enter your Stream Key in the app.

You must never share this key with other people.

If you are unsure about locating your Stream Key, just follow the steps provided below:

  1. Log into Twitch using your account.
  2. In the top-right corner, click your avatar, then select Creator Dashboard.
    Opening Twitch Creator Dashboard
  3. On the left side of your screen, click Settings and then Stream.
    Opening Twitch Stream Settings
  4. Your Stream Key will appear at the top of this screen under “Stream Key & Preferences.”
  5. Copy it to your clipboard by clicking Copy. You don’t need to reveal it before copying.

Now that you have the Stream Key copied on your clipboard, you need to add it to your chosen streaming app to begin broadcasting on Twitch.

Twitch Stream Key Not Working
Inputting Stream Key in OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) app.

However, you might see the “Failed to Retrieve Stream Key” message, and this is where things could become complicated.

There are two solutions for the Twitch Stream Key not working issue.

Fix 1: Enable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) On Your Account Via SMS

Enabling 2FA on your Twitch account makes it far more secure. If you are serious about streaming and you care about your Twitch account, protecting it with an extra layer of security is something you shouldn’t need to think twice about.

As Twitch made this obligatory, you won’t be able to access your Stream Key or launch a Livestream through an app without 2FA enabled.

To enable 2FA, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Twitch with your account.
  2. In the top-right corner, click your avatar and then on Settings.
    Opening Twitch Settings
  3. Click Security and Privacy in the section on your screen.
    Twitch Security and Privacy Settings
  4. In the Security tab, enable Two-Factor Authentication via SMS.

Log out and then back into your Twitch account. Try finding your Stream Key and pasting it into your app of choice. You should be able to stream with no further issues.

Once you have SMS 2FA enabled, logging into your account will look like in the image below.

Twitch Authenticator Token
The login screen on Twitch after enabling SMS 2FA on your account.

Click Request SMS to get the necessary code on your mobile phone.

This official Two-Factor Authentication article from Twitch covers everything you need to know about setting up 2FA, including the rewards you can enjoy for doing so.

Fix 2: Enable Authy As Your 2FA Solution On Twitch

If you have already enabled SMS 2FA on your Twitch account, you’ve likely already solved the problem with retrieving your Stream Key. If you don’t find the SMS Two-Factor Authentication method convenient, you can use an alternative.

Authy for Twitch is a good solution because it can be simpler to use compared with receiving tokens via an SMS. This is largely a matter of personal preference, but if you feel as though this method is better for you, it can be set up in the same section described above.


Now that you know how to fix it, the “Failed to Retrieve Stream Key” issue should no longer prevent you from broadcasting your content on Twitch.

If you are concerned that you might have exposed your Stream Key while attempting these fixes, we recommend resetting it and using a new one.

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