How To Squad Stream On Twitch

Do you want to stream with others in a squad stream? Here is a super simple guide on how to squad stream on Twitch! is popular for many reasons, the biggest one being the long list of world-class entertainers who broadcast there daily.

But, if it wasn’t for the constant evolution of the platform and the hard-working developers, Twitch would probably be overwhelmed by its competitors.

Luckily, the team closely follows the latest trends and implements them as attractive features, built into the largest online entertainment platform in the world.

Initiating a squad stream on Twitch.

In this guide, you will learn how to Squad Stream on Twitch and take your channel to a whole new level, both in terms of views and quality.

Initiating A Squad Stream

Initiating a squad stream on Twitch is relatively easy, as long as you have the others to stream with. By following the steps below, you’ll be able to start your squad stream in less than a minute.

  1. Open on your browser and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on the avatar icon located in the top-right corner of your screen. Select Creator Dashboard from the menu that shows up.
  3. Select Stream Manager from the menu located on the left side in the Creator Dashboard.
  4. In this panel, there’s a list of Quick Actions you can see on the right side. This list is editable by you, the owner of the channel. To be able to initiate a squad stream, you first need to add the option on this list of quick actions. You can do so by clicking on the “+” icon.
  5. Upon adding Squad Streaming to the list of quick actions, you will be able to initiate a Squad Stream. Click on the option, and the menu will open.
  6. Here you can add channels to send invites or accept invites from other channels in the other tab. See the image below.
  7. You’ll need to wait until other channels accept your invites. When everything is ready and confirmed, you will be able to click the Start Squad Stream button and initiate the squad stream.

If you don’t want anyone to send squad streaming invites to you, changing the permissions in the Channel Preferences page is also an option.

Note: Twitch Squad Streams are not available for every Twitch user. If you are not a Twitch partner, you may not be able to see the Squad Stream option in your Creator Dashboard.

If you engage in squad streaming, enabling the low latency setting in your dashboard is recommended. Twitch also recommends third-party voice apps to squad streamers.

What Are The Benefits Of Squad Streaming On Twitch?

Perhaps, at first sight, squad streaming might not seem so beneficial. Doesn’t this mean sharing my audience with other people? – You’re probably wondering.

Well, yes, but you also get the same amount of exposure, if not even more, for your channel. Let me explain.

There are many multiplayer or co-op games nowadays that get tons of views on Twitch. Some examples are Warzone, PUBG, Fortnite, and many others of the same or similar genre.

These are games in which the contribution of every player in the squad matters a lot. So, viewers want to watch all perspectives, not just one.

Squad-Streaming four different perspectives in League of Legends.

If you’re in the same lobby or squad with someone a lot more established on Twitch than you are (it happens often), chances are that most of the viewers will choose their stream to have priority over yours.

But, when you’re squad streaming, you get combined viewer count, and the audience doesn’t get to choose one channel over the others.

This means that the popular streamer you’re playing with has a large community paying the same amount of attention to you as they do to them.

Imagine the number of new followers or subscribers you’ll get from their community if your gameplay performance ends up being the main attraction of the stream!

Twitch Squad Streaming is one of the best methods the developers implemented on the platform, which helps smaller streamers build their community through the help of larger channels. Twitch even mentioned this in their official article covering Squad Streams.


Now you know how to initiate a squad stream, meaning you just added a new powerful tool to your arsenal. If growing your channel is what you’re focusing on at the moment, utilizing this will definitely yield positive results.

Remember to help out smaller streamers by giving them the opportunity to squad stream with you if your channel is already well-established compared to theirs. After all, everyone deserves a chance to grow!  

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