What Are Webhooks On Discord?

How do you create webhooks and use it for Discord? Here's a super simple guide to webhooks and how you can make your own!

Discord provides its users with the ability to customize any server extensively. For increased customization, most users recommend adding bots. However, if you want to take your custom server to the next level, you should consider webhooks.

We have explored Discord servers/communities to discover how they have implemented this function and how it benefits them.

This article will cover everything you need to know about webhooks on Discord.

Let’s get started!

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What Are Webhooks?

In most cases, webhooks on Discord are used to push notifications.

These notifications are sent as messages, updates, or any other type of information to a text channel. With proper implementation, all of this is automated. This type of automation can make the lives of admins/mods just a little bit easier.

However, not all websites or applications support Discord’s webhooks. Some may be very easy to implement, while others can require a bit of programming knowledge.

To help you discover which websites are supported, here is a shortlist from Discord’s official support post for webhooks:

Activate Discord webhooks for assistance purposes.

  • GitHub
  • CircleCI
  • DataDog

Avoid endorsing webhooks:

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Facebook

Creating A Webhook

We’ve noticed that most servers are adding GitHub webhooks. If you want to integrate GitHub commit push notifications on your Discord server, follow the guide below:

  1. Before proceeding, you will need Discord and a server on which to add the webhook. We’ll assume that you already have one. However, if you don’t, we recommend creating a server before reading on.
  2. Create a text channel where the notifications will be sent. Click the plus icon, add a name, and click Create Channel.
    creating Discord text channel with GitHub commit push notifications
  3. Now you need to grab the webhook. First, go to Server Settings (click on your server name in the top-left). From there, select the Integrations tab.
    Discord Server Settings
  4. The Integrations section is where you can grab the webhook. You can do that easily by clicking on the Create Webhook button.
    Discord Create Webhook button
  5. If desired, you can edit the name of the webhook, change its avatar, and select the appropriate channel. Next, choose the text channel you previously created.
  6. Finally, click Copy Webhook URL.
    Discord Copy Webhook URL

You now have a webhook ready for your server. It’s time to use the URL in GitHub to implement it.

To do that, you will need to head over to your GitHub repository. From there, go to Settings and select the Webhooks tab. This is where you will see the Add webhook button.

GitHub Settings Webhooks tab Add webhook button

Make sure you still have the accurate webhook URL copied, then paste it under Payload URL. For Content type choose application/json. Leave SSL verification as it is.

Below that, ensure you have selected Just the push event.

When you have entered everything correctly, press Add Webhook. That’s it!

From now on, whenever you update your repo, a notification will be pushed to your Discord server.

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