Fix: Can’t Login To Origin

Do you have trouble logging into Origin? Here is the easiest solution if you can't login to Origin. Start playing your favorite game on Origin now!

Out of all Origin problems we know of, the worst one is when you can’t log into your account and play the games in your library.  

This can sometimes happen due to an issue with Origin’s servers, in which case there’s not much you can do, but that’s not always the reason.

If it’s a bug preventing you from logging into your account, you can solve it using the methods listed in the guide below.

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The Problem Explained

Despite this bug being common and easy to solve, Origin users still required a helping hand upon encountering it.

Origin Sign in failure

In one of the many Reddit threads covering this topic, the original poster asks for opinions from others on how to solve the problem.

Another user answered with a potential fix, and although it’s a working solution for the problem, the method includes downloading an older Origin version. This is not something many users prefer to do.

Luckily, there are a few other fixes you can try.

Fix 1: Sync Time And Date On Your PC

Despite this being an unexpected fix, it’s easy to apply and doesn’t take much of your time. The key here is to sync your system’s date and time with the one Origin uses, and the error will disappear.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Press Windows + I on your keyboard at the same time. This will open the settings panel.
  2. Click on Time & Language to access the section where you’ll be syncing the time settings.
    opening Time & Language on Windows
  3. Here, enable both “Select Time Automatically” and “Set Time Zone Automatically” options.
  4. Click on the “Sync now” button to ensure your time and date are in sync with Windows servers.
    Synchronize your clock feature on Windows

Now, run Origin as Administrator and try logging into your account once more. The “Can’t log in” problem should no longer bother you.

This fix was confirmed as effective by multiple users, and it should work for you as well.

Fix 2: Clear Origin Cache Files

Clearing Origin’s cache files can help you fix many problems with the client. It’s quite easy to do so, and it’s worth giving it a try.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Close Origin if it’s running on your PC. Using the Task Manager, double-check to make sure all Origin-related processes are closed.
  2. Press Windows + R on your keyboard at the same time. This will start the “Run” function on Windows 10.
  3. In the search field, type in %ProgramData&/Origin, and press OK at the bottom.
    typing in "%ProgramData%/Origin" without quotation marks and pressing OK
  4. From the folder that opened (by initiating the search during the previous step) delete everything except the folder named Local Content. After deleting the files, close the window.
  5. Once more, press Windows + R on your keyboard at the same time. This time, type in %AppData% in the search field and press OK at the bottom.
    typing in "%AppData%" without quotation marks and pressing OK
  6. The “Roaming” folder will open, so you need to delete the Origin folder inside. Then, in the address bar, click on AppData, open the Local folder, and delete the Origin folder from there as well.
    clicking on AppData
  7. Restart your PC (this is optional but recommended).

You have now successfully cleared Origin’s cache, which should eliminate the bug preventing you from logging into your account. 

Fix 3: Use The App Instead Of A Web Browser To Log In

According to the users who solved this problem, logging in through the Origin app instead of a web browser has a higher chance of success.

So, if you can’t seem to access your account, download the latest client version and install it on your PC. Then, log in through the app. You should be able to do so without experiencing problems.  

Fix 4: Log In Using ID

A few Origin users reported that logging in with your ID instead of your e-mail address works as a solution for the problem.

If you can’t remember your ID, use the “forgot my password” feature, and you’ll receive an e-mail from the Origin support team with your username (ID) in it.

You don’t have to change your password. Use the same one you had before. The purpose of the mail is to remember your username.

This is a simple solution to the problem, and it will help you regain access to your account and all games associated with it.  

Fix 5: Contact Origin Support

Origin logo

If nothing else works, it can be an account-related issue after all. Sometimes users get banned for doing something against the policy, so if your account is under some restriction, you might not be able to log in.

To know for sure whether this is the case or not, contact the Origin support team.

Alternative Solution: Download An Old Version Of Origin

As stated in the introduction part of this guide, one of the working fixes for this problem is downloading an old client version, which is useful temporarily but not the smartest thing to do long-term.

Old client versions have security flaws and bugs because they lack the latest patches and updates the developers released with the newer versions.

But, if you can’t seem to find any other way of regaining access to your Origin account, you can temporarily use this older working version.  


Now you know how to login into your Origin account by overcoming the frustrating bug preventing access. Enjoy playing your favorite games, and remember to keep your account secure at all times.

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