Fix: Error Fetching Your Channel Information On Twitch (OBS/Streamlabs)

Are you getting the "error fetching your channel information" on Twitch in OBS or Streamlabs? We have 6 available fixes right here to help you out.

Encountering errors while trying to broadcast on Twitch is not rare. Thankfully, almost every issue is relatively easy to deal with, if you know which methods to apply.

This guide provides multiple solutions for the notorious “Error Fetching Your Channel Information” issue. If you’re dealing with this, you can now learn how to solve it.

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Fix 1: Change The Language In Streamlabs


This is a well-known fix for users who see “Error Fetching Your Channel Information on Twitch”. It’s quick and simple, so you should definitely attempt it as one of your first fixes!

The fix requires switching from your current language to a different one, then switching back to the language you intend to use.

If this solves your issue, you should now be able to stream. If the problem persists, however, try the other solutions listed below.

Fix 2: Set Up Two-Factor Authentication On Twitch

According to this Reddit thread, which includes an answer from a member of the Twitch Support Team, adding two-factor authentication to your account should help you overcome the problem.

You can use Authy or enable SMS codes; whichever method works best for you. You also receive exclusive “2FA” emotes for doing so.

Fix 3: Start The Streaming App With Administrator Privileges

Whether you’re using OBS or Streamlabs, restarting the app with admin privileges should help you overcome the “Error Fetching Your Channel Information” issue. Here’s how to do this.

Log out of your account and exit the streaming program. Right-click its icon and select “Run as administrator” to start the app with admin privileges.

If this doesn’t work and you want to try reinstalling the app completely, be sure to run the installer with admin privileges.  

Fix 4: Run Auto-Optimizer In Streamlabs

Streamlabs has an Auto-Optimizer you can try, and it doesn’t require you to have a great deal of knowledge to use it.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Streamlabs and click the cogwheel Settings button.
  2. In the General section, click Run Auto Optimizer.
  3. The optimizer will perform an analysis. Click Next when it’s done.

Try streaming and see if the problem persists. The Auto-Optimizer has helped many users deal with this problem, so it might be exactly the solution you need.

Fix 5: Clear Your Browser Cookies

Browser Cookie

Clearing cookies to solve the problem might seem a strange method, but here’s what you need to know.

Even though you are using an application to stream, the app relies on your browser for certain interactions. As a result, clearing your browser cookies may solve your issue.

You can choose to clear specific cookies or all of them if you want to be more thorough. Do this in Chrome by following these steps:

  1. Open Chrome and click the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of your screen.
  2. Click on Settings and then Clear browsing data.
  3. In the “Basic” section, tick the empty box next to “Cookies and other site data.”
  4. Click Clear data in the bottom-right corner of the tab.

If the error persists, try binding Streamlabs to your IP. Read the following section for that method.

Fix 6: Bind Streamlabs To Your IP

This is another solution that has helped many users prevent the “Error fetching your channel information” message when attempting to launch a stream.

To bind Streamlabs to your IP, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Chrome and type “What’s my IP” into the search bar. Press “Enter” to get results. An alternative method is to use whatismyipaddress.
  2. Copy your IPv4 address. You’ll need it to continue.
  3. Open Streamlabs and click Settings, which should be in the bottom-left of your screen. The icon is a cogwheel.
  4. In the settings section, find Advanced and click on it. Scroll down and locate the Network section.
  5. Expand the dropdown menu and choose the IP address you copied earlier.

After applying these changes, try streaming again. You should no longer encounter the problem. 


It’s unclear why this error occurs, but dealing with it can be very frustrating. Thankfully, there are several solutions that have worked for many Twitch users.

Now that you know how to overcome the issue, you should be able to return to streaming without any further interruptions!

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