Fix: Twitch Following List Gone

Is your following list on Twitch not showing up? Don't worry, you can easily fix the issue with one of the solutions provided here.

Everyone has a favorite streamer, but there’s nothing wrong with having several of them.

On Twitch, there are countless channels with enormously varied content. If it weren’t for the “Follow” button, we would quickly lose track of what we want to see when we log in.

But what happens when our following list suddenly disappears? How are we supposed to remember all the channels we once clicked “Follow” on?

This guide has all the answers you need to overcome this troublesome issue on Twitch.

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The Problem Explained

Losing the list of channels you follow can be a significant problem for obvious reasons. Most of us can remember the specific names of our few favorite channels, but it’s almost impossible to remember hundreds of those names.

Some channels are hidden gems, which is why we click the follow button to return to them later. Losing your list can be very frustrating, especially if you have been using Twitch for years and follow hundreds or even thousands of channels.

Twitch Following List Gone discussion on Reddit
Reddit users addressing the “Twitch Following List Gone” problem.

The good news is that this bug is often only a visual issue. When it isn’t, the solutions are pretty simple. Read on to find out more about solving the Twitch Following List Gone problem.

Fix 1: Wait It Out

It’s not really a solution, but sometimes there’s no other option. This is particularly accurate if the problem is caused by Twitch and is just a display issue.

Many Reddit users reported that waiting it out helped when encountering this problem.

To check whether this is just a visual bug, open a channel that you are sure you were following beforehand. See if it still says “Following” when you hover over the follow button with your cursor.  

Twitch might simply be undergoing maintenance at the exact moment of your login, meaning some services are temporarily unavailable.

You can try refreshing your window occasionally while you wait. Once things return to normal, you will see the list of channels you’re following, as well as a list of people following your channel.

Fix 2: Clear Your Browser’s Cache And Cookies

According to reports from users who have experienced this issue, one way to speed up the return of your Twitch Following List is to clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Numerous users reported that doing so made their following list available again immediately.

If you are using Chrome, follow the steps below to do this quickly and without much effort.

  1. Open Chrome on your PC and click on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner.
  2. From the dropdown menu, choose Settings to open the configuration panel.
    Twitch Can Not Change Username
  3. Scroll down a bit until you see the Privacy and Security section. Choose Clear browsing data to access the final window where you will perform the cleanup.
    Twitch Will Not Let Me Change Username
  4. Here, tick all the boxes next to the three available options, as shown in the image below. Finish by clicking Clear Data in the bottom-right corner. Be sure to select All time in the time range field.
    Clear Browser Cache On Google Chrome

Restart your browser and visit again. Sign in to your account and see if the following list is back to normal.

If you haven’t cleared your browser’s cache and cookies for a long time and you frequently use Twitch, the accumulation of data could contain a corrupt file, which might be the root of this problem and potentially many others.

Luckily, this repair is simple and doesn’t necessitate any advanced computer expertise.

Fix 3: Switch Your Browser Temporarily

As observed in the image below, a Reddit user in this discussion mentioned that switching from Firefox to Chrome resolved the issue immediately.

Twitch Following List Gone fixed by using Chrome

If you have an alternative browser installed, this solution is certainly worth attempting, as it takes less than a minute of your time and can assist you in verifying that your subsequent list is not missing.

If you don’t have any alternative browsers installed on your PC and you’re unsure which one to choose as a replacement, we have a guide covering this topic thoroughly.


Something that seems like a simple problem can quickly become one of the most frustrating experiences you encounter on the Twitch platform.

Your Twitch following list disappearing is a significant problem if you’re looking for a specific channel and can’t remember the name.

This guide contains all the quick and simple solutions you need to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and get back to watching streams without interruption. 

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