Fix: Twitch Hosting Not Working

Having trouble hosting other channels on Twitch or with the auto-host feature? Here is a guide that shows you exactly how to fix the Twitch hosting feature.

Twitch hosting is one of the most significant features on the platform when it comes to community growth and networking.

Hosting allows an established streamer to help someone less prominent gain viewers while putting out quality content, potentially giving them a major boost.

Unfortunately, there are times when Twitch hosting doesn’t work as planned, which can prevent this generous gesture from taking place.

This guide has all the methods you need to overcome the problem, including the auto host not working issue.

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The Problem Explained


When streamers aren’t online to present a broadcast of their own, they often set an auto host so their audience is redirected to a different channel. This means no traffic is wasted, and another user gets some extra publicity.

However, occasionally the automobile host fails to redirect users to an alternative channel, resulting in the loss of potential viewers.

After examining several forums, posts, and discussions, we have gathered the answers to this issue. These solutions are quite distinct from the typical Twitch problem-solving suggestions, but they have been proven effective by Twitch community members.

Note: Before attempting these fixes, ensure the Twitch auto host feature is enabled in your profile settings. For more information on this topic, we have a guide that thoroughly explains the hosting feature.

Fix 1: Remove All Bots From Your Channel

Many Twitch streamers use bots on their channels for some extra assistance. Bots can perform the roles of multiple moderators, saving money and simplifying things at the same time.

However, bots can also cause some issues if you are trying to utilize multiple features of the Twitch platform simultaneously.

An informative YouTube video from a Twitch streamer confirms that this method is an effective solution to the problem.

To remove bots from your channel, all you need to do is follow the steps below, and you’ll be done in a couple of minutes.

  1. While logged in to your Twitch channel, type “!bots” in the chat without quotation marks to see a list of active bots.
  2. Type “!removebots” (again without quotation marks) to remove all the bots from your channel.
  3. If the command in step 2 doesn’t work, use “@botname stop” to manually remove a bot. You can find the exact name of the bot by using the command listed in step 1.

After removing all the bots, try using the hosting and auto-hosting features again. This solution has helped many users overcome the problem.

Fix 2: Remove Moderator Privileges From All Mods On Your Channel

For some reason, removing all moderators from your channel has been found to solve the auto-hosting issue on Twitch. This was confirmed by multiple forum posts and user reports, so it’s worth trying if you can’t find any other way around it.

Explain to your mods why they are having their privileges removed, then try dealing with the problem. If this works, you can then assign mods to your channel again.

Here’s how to do this:

  1. While logged into your Twitch account, open the chat and type “/mods” without quotation marks. This will display a list of all mods.
  2. Type “/unmod nameofmod” and press “Enter” on your keyboard to unmod a user with moderator privileges.

Note: The command listed in step 1 will help you find the names of each moderator. When typing the command in step 2, replace the “nameofmod” with the exact name of the moderator.

After doing this, try using the auto host feature again. It should now work.

Fix 3: Wait It Out For A Few Minutes

Auto-hosting doesn’t always begin immediately, so you shouldn’t give up on it too quickly. This is a possible reason that your auto host doesn’t appear to be working.

According to insights shared by different Twitch community members, it can sometimes take between five to ten minutes for the auto-hosting feature to process the request and become active.


Not being able to host someone on Twitch can be frustrating. This is especially true if you and another user have a mutual agreement to always auto-host each other while one of your channels is offline.

None of the remedies listed in this guide are challenging to do and can all be extremely helpful when dealing with the Twitch auto-hosting issue.

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