Fix: Skyrim Keeps Crashing

Does your Skyrim game keep crashing for some reason? Here's the ultimate guide to help you fix your Skyrim game so that it is no longer crashing.

Skyrim crashing has been an issue for a while now. Your game instance keeps crashing due to various software issues.

Luckily for everyone facing this problem, we have prepared a simple guide that proved to educate people on addressing the issue.

So, whether you’re a total computer neophyte or an expert, you will learn something new in our guide covering Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Let’s fix your Skyrim game!

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Solution 1: Restart Your Computer

So why does Skyrim keep crashing? It may require a very simple fix.

Before starting with more complex solutions, a simple computer restart could cure your headache. Hopefully, your computer got overwhelmed and needs to clear virtual memory and RAM.


Solution 2: Delete Autosave Files & Use Manual Save

As mentioned earlier, this game is prone to be buggy after some time, leading to the dysfunctionalities of autosave features. Every time your progress gets saved, the data file gets corrupted. To prevent this, we will delete all autosaved files and use manual save in the future.

Follow these guidelines:

  1. Open the Skyrim game. While it is running, press the ESC button.
  2. From the menu list, click the Save button to save your progress. Do this every time you feel like saving your game.
  3. Minimize or close the game, and go to the following directory:
    “C:Users{UserName}DocumentsMy GamesSkyrimSaves”
  4. Delete the autosave files.
  5. Once done, open your game instance, and the issue should be resolved.

Solution 3: Change The Sound Quality To 24-Bit

The game has been renowned for its conflicts related to audio settings. Not being able to decipher the high-quality audio waves might lead to the game instance crashing.

To apply the solution, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the bottom right of the taskbar and right-click the Volume icon.
  2. Choose the Sound option from the menu.
  3. Head to the Playback tab.
  4. Select your active default playback device and right-click it.
  5. Select Properties.
  6. In the Advanced tab, select the 24bit 44100Hz from the drop-down menu.
    Advanced tab in Speakers Properties
  7. Once done, apply and save the changes and enjoy your Skyrim game!

Solution 4: Install Any Pending Windows Updates

Windows Updates contain new anti-malware protection, drivers, bug fixes, and optimize your system experience. Staying up-to-date could prevent many software-related issues, such as game crashes.

Windows Update

To check if you have any Windows Updates obtainable for download, go to Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Updates.

On this page, click on Check for updates button to check for available downloads. If you use a metered connection, you will have to click on the Download button manually.

Solution 5: Uninstall Mods

The game itself is not enough for most players, so they invented mods, which are, simply put, alterations of program code to improve the user experience. Mods were not coded and tested by the official game publisher, leading to unwanted issues like game crashing.

No names are given to Skyrim changes due to the region. A possible solution to your issue is to get rid of the mods individually and restart the game. If this helps the game run better, then the problem was due to modding.

Solution 6: Update Video Card Drivers

The drivers of your GPU control what you see on your screen. The drivers help your computer’s hardware interact with the OS. If you are experiencing Skyrim game crashes, updating your drivers could solve the problem.

Follow these direct links to find the driver suiting your graphics card.

Solution 7: Reinstall Your Game

In some cases, game installation could fail from unknown resources and lead to corruption of the game files. Fixing corrupted files one by one could be exhausting, so reinstalling the game would make our hard drive do a very grateful job instead of us.


Solution 8: Disable Your Antivirus

Antivirus software has turned efficient with detecting potential threats, instead of just malware in its virus definitions database. They are known for the possible fake addressing CPU resources that may be important for running the game. To disable your antivirus software, refer to your antivirus online documentation and support guides.

If you do not want to turn off your antivirus protection, consider adding the Skyrim folder to the list of your antivirus exceptions. It will prevent involving the Skyrim folder with any future scans.

Solution 9: Contact Bethesda Support

If nothing above did work out for you, we have happy news! Contact Bethesda Support and explain your situation. They will provide you with further instructions.


This guide showed you how to fix your Skyrim game so it is no longer crashing. You should now be able to enjoy your Skyrim game without any issues.


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