Fix: LogiLDA.dll Errors In Windows 10 & 11

If you've come across LogiLDA.dll errors in Windows, let us help you fix them. Here is what LogiLDA.dll file and all the ways to fix it.

Every PC user has encountered an error at least once, and that’s nothing out of the ordinary. However, things become alarming when an error occurs repeatedly, and the reason is an unknown file on our system that we don’t know much about.

The LogiLDA.dll file is well-liked on support websites and forums, as it is known for causing different errors on both older and newer systems.

This guide covers everything you should know about the LogiLDA.dll errors occurring on Windows, so without further ado, let’s get into it.

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What Is The LogiLDA.dll File, And Why Is It On My System?

The LogiLDA.dll file is associated with Logitech, a renowned brand for computer accessories.

It’s not a harmful file and what it does is connects your computer to the Logitech download services. The Logitech Download Assistant (LDA) is responsible for finding the latest drivers and updates for your PC’s peripherals. So, it’s on your system with a good purpose, except it sometimes malfunctions, giving trouble instead of being useful.

The Error Caused By LogiLDA.dll

What most users report when experiencing issues related to the LogiLDA.dll file on their system is the infamous “The specified module could not be found” error.

Windows LogiLDA.dll Error

The exact cause of this error is not officially confirmed, but based on the solutions that work for many users who experience it, it’s likely due to the file becoming corrupted.

Usually, the error occurs quickly after the user installs the Logitech gear control app on their system, known as G-Hub. However, some users reported that they first saw this error upon upgrading from an older to a newer version of Windows.

Some users reported experiencing this error and couldn’t find the cause as they weren’t using any Logitech peripherals, which according to them, was confusing and misleading. None of them doubted it could be anything related to Logitech.

The reason was that the software came pre-installed on their computer (which happens more often with laptops). Since the problem is related to the Logitech software and not the peripherals, they experienced it regardless.

Although this error can be persistent and occur each time you boot up your computer, there are solutions for it confirmed to work by multiple users.

You can always ignore the problem and close the error prompt when it occurs, but that can quickly become annoying and disruptive, and that shouldn’t be the price to pay for using hardware from a renowned brand.

Luckily, we know the solution, so here’s what you can do to fix this problem.

Fix 1: Disable LogiLDA Within Task Manager

Although this is not a permanent fix, it’s a quick solution that will stop the error from reoccurring until you fully solve it.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Right-click an empty area on your Taskbar and choose Task Manager. You can also use the CTRL + ALT + DEL shortcut on your keyboard to open the Windows menu, then click on Task Manager from the list of options.
    Task Manager
  2. Once the Windows Task Manager is on your screen, navigate to the Processes section.
    Windows Task Manager Processes
  3. Click on a random process from the list, then press the L key on your keyboard. You’ll now see all active processes starting with that letter.
  4. Find LogiLDA.dll on the list, then right-click it and choose End task.
    Windows LogiLDA.dll End Task
    Note: If you cannot find the process on this list, skip this step and move to step #4. The process could’ve crashed and is currently not visible in the Task Manager list of active processes. However, you’ll get the error again the next time it starts.
    To prevent this, you need to disable the Logitech Download Assistant from automatically launching whenever you turn on your computer.
  5. Navigate to the Startup section in Task Manager.
    Windows Task Manager Startup
  6. Find Logitech Download Assistant on the list, then right-click it and choose Disable.

Now, you’ve successfully disabled the Logitech Download Assistant from your computer’s list of active processes, so it won’t constantly check for updates and crash while at it, triggering the error. You’ve also disabled this program from starting when your computer boots up.

However, this isn’t a permanent fix since the next time you manually launch Logitech’s G-Hub program to install the latest peripheral updates or configure some settings, the same error will occur again.

Fix 2: Reinstalling Logitech’s Software  

If you’ve had this software installed on your computer but then made some changes, such as transferring the installed files from one drive to another or upgrading your Windows to a newer version, there are some chances that the files corrupted.

If this occurs, it is advisable to reinstall the Logitech Software using the Apps & Features panel in Windows and manually delete all related folders.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Right-click the Windows logo located in the bottom-left corner of your Taskbar. You can also use the Windows + X shortcut to open the same menu. Choose Apps and Features from the list.
    Windows Apps and Features
  2. Find Logitech G-Hub on the list, click on it and choose Uninstall. Wait for the process to complete.
  3. Now, navigate to C:Program Files and find the Logitech folder. Right-click it and choose Delete. The folder may also be called LGHUB.

    Navigate to C:ProgramData and delete the Logitech or LGHUB folder from there too.

    Repeat the same steps in C:Users<your computer’s username>AppDataLocal and C:Users<your computer’s username>AppDataRoaming

    Once you’ve deleted the LGHUB folder from all other folders mentioned above, move on to the steps below.
  4. Press Windows + S, then type in Registry Editor and click the first result shown on the list.
    Windows Registry Editor
  5. Expand the categories until you reach the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun key.
  6. Click on it and find Logitech Download Assistant on the list. Once you do, delete it.
    You can find these steps visually explained in the helpful video below.
  1. Reboot your PC.
  2. Download G-Hub from the official Logitech website, or for a safer bet, use the older, more stable software from Logitech (the community’s favorite) called Logitech Gaming Software.  

For most users, this technique resolved the issue permanently. Hopefully, it will work for your particular case as well.


That covers the two well-known methods for solving the Windows errors caused by LogiLDA.dll, a file associated with Logitech’s software, responsible for automatic updates and downloads.

The methods listed above should also help with a rarer “stealth” issue related to the same LogiLDA.dll process causing your computer to be stuck on the shutting down screen due to it being active in the background.

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