How To Get Viewers On Twitch

Are you new to Twitch? Want to grow your Twitch channel? Here is the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide on how to get viewers on Twitch.

Becoming an online entertainer in the gaming sphere is a dream of many individuals. Although it often sounds too good to be true, earning a living while enjoying your favorite hobby is indeed possible.

Thanks to the opportunities provided by online gaming streaming platforms, Twitch being the most popular one, starting a career such as the one described above is an option accessible to almost anyone.

But, despite the start itself being relatively easy from a technical point of view, progressing further as a Twitch streamer in a time when the competition is at an all-time high can be tricky. That is especially true for individuals who don’t have any streaming experience, and this is a straight dive in the deep for them.

In the guide below, you’ll find many methods used by top-tier Twitch streamers that you can utilize to increase viewer count. That finally answers the question on how to get more followers on Twitch, so without further ado, let’s take a look at what you need to know.

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1. Understand The Basics Of Twitch

Twitch Channel Basics

Many popular streamers were once passionate viewers.

Not every streaming platform is the same, and not everyone has experience broadcasting live to other viewers. The first and most important thing for a future streamer is to get familiar with the platform’s concepts, rules, functionalities, and policy.

To get started, take a look at the official community guidelines. Doing so ensures your channel won’t get sanctioned in the future, which is crucial for your career’s existence as a Twitch broadcaster.

Based on our previous experience with Twitch, we concluded that most mature viewers appreciate broadcasters who stick closely to the behavior policy. Obviously, this isn’t always the case, but it all depends on what type of audience you’re trying to build. We guess that not many viewers want to subscribe or donate to a channel that might be banned soon.

Next, we recommend spending some time on the platform as a viewer. Browse through channels and see how other streamers communicate with viewers and promote their content.

Remember to stick to the basics if you are entirely unfamiliar with Twitch. Learn how the website works and what all the functions do. Spend some time chatting, follow and unfollow a few channels, add a friend and receive a few notifications as well.

Become a viewer to understand what the viewer appreciates.

When done with this phase, it’s time to start thinking of streaming as your job, which is what you’re trying to make it be. Take a look at the following section, in which we cover investing in your brand-new startup – your Twitch channel.

2. Think Of Twitch Streaming As Any Other Business

Twitch Channel Streaming As Business

It’s a one-person business, and it requires quite an investment.

Despite this career choice seeming a bit “unserious” in the eyes of those who aren’t familiar with the concept of being an online entertainer, we assure you that streaming requires a lot of dedication and commitment. Often a lot more than your average job out in “the real world.”

We say this because streaming is all about how you present yourself and your content to others, so there’s nobody else to rely on or blame if things don’t work out as imagined.

Streaming on Twitch also means facing a lot of competition, as this career path seems to become more popular each day.

Full-time Twitch streamers are as busy as everyone else, despite their work consisting of speed-running video games and talking to viewers. Once you compare your channel to the average startup, you’ll find many similarities.

Invest In Your Channel As You Grow – Equipment And Its Importance

We’re not supporters of the idea that finance should interact and overshadow creativity, but there’s an undeniable fact that having good streaming equipment will make it much easier to grow your audience.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t become a successful Twitch streamer without a top-tier microphone or a fancy soundboard but, there’s a reason why most broadcasters who just started are collecting donations for a new rig, a green screen, or a studio-standard headset.

All of the items mentioned above are theoretically unnecessary but help you present yourself in the best possible light in front of your audience and make the stream more enjoyable and entertaining.

However, you shouldn’t feel discouraged if you cannot purchase all these things at once. In fact, none of the top-tier streamers today could afford all that equipment when they first started. Content is king, after all.

Here’s a video on which you can see how Shroud’s stream looked back in 2013. Compare his beginner setup to the one he currently has, and you’ll see a tremendous difference.

Instead, give your best to arrange the best possible setup using what you already have. Some things are undeniable, though, such as a stable internet connection and a computer that’s powerful enough for streaming, but assuming you’re serious about broadcasting, you already have these at your disposal.

Make sure you fiddle around with the settings long enough to ensure viewers can see and hear you without any interruptions. That’s what matters the most.

Then, upgrade your setup as you progress, and use the feedback from your viewers on what to improve next.

Invest In Your Channel As You Grow – Emotes, Graphics, And Design

Twitch is so special because of the many “smaller” features other platforms lack. That includes custom emotes, donation sounds, and everything else that makes viewers feel like they’re part of a wholesome family while watching your stream.

Investing in your channel is not all about the equipment, though. Top-tier channels on Twitch have other satisfying elements that improve the overall watching experience.

For example, leveling up the channel’s badge with each monthly subscription or unlocking new chat emotes to show off.

But, streamers often rely on others to create these features for them, which in most cases isn’t free. The more you invest, the higher quality details and personalized experience your viewers get.

The same applies to all the banners and logos in your channel’s introduction section, as well as custom-themed designs for your promotion-oriented social media profiles.

To further answer the how to get popular on Twitch question, read the following section to learn more about selecting the optimal type of content to stream.

3. Take Your Time To Analyze The Type Of Content You’re Streaming

Twitch Channel Content Type

The type of content you produce has a lot to do with the number of viewers you get.

Are you the type of streamer who always “chases” trends and plays the latest releases no matter the genre? – Because that does increase the chances for good exposure.

Or, do you happen to be someone who has exceptional communication skills and often enjoys broadcasting in the “Just Chatting” section on Twitch? That’s a solid way of getting viewers as well.

But what about someone who is just starting as both a gamer and a streamer? Someone who chose to dedicate their channel to a specific e-Sport title, such as Counter-Strike or League of Legends, games in which there already are well-established streamers, most of which are pro players, with thousands of hours in the game?

Well, that’s definitely not the best way to pave your path towards solid viewership.

Our point here is the following:

Twitch is the home of many broadcasters, and according to the statistics, only about ten percent succeed on this platform, while the rest struggle to score a partnership due to poor stats.

So, just like finding a job anywhere in our world, you have to offer something that isn’t easy to find.

If you don’t care much about what you stream, and your only goal is increasing the number of viewers you get, for now, it’s often a good idea to broadcast games with low viewer rates.

That way, you’ll almost always find a few “diehard” fans of those games who would like to see someone else play them for a change.

Now, this isn’t the only way to get people to watch your streams, but it’s also important to understand that it’s difficult to compete with broadcasters present on this platform since its release, streaming games in which they’re phenomenal.

There’s nothing wrong with streaming a competitive title, but people usually watch competitive games because of the top-level action. So, unless you’re exceptionally good at Counter-Strike, such as s1mple or Stewie2K, chances are viewers will opt for their streams instead of yours.

4. Focus On Soft Skills Aside From Improving Your Gaming Abilities

Twitch Channel Soft Skills

In the previous section, we talked about streamers “earning” viewers through their exceptional gaming skills and how you should avoid competing in their playing field unless you’re as good as them.

Well, this section focuses on something else entirely, but equally as crucial as being exceptional in a specific video game.

There are two types of viewers on Twitch. Those who only care about the gameplay and seeing flashy, incredibly well calculated in-game plays, and those who mind how good the streamer is at the game, but instead watching purely for their personality.

Now as much as it matters to dominate your in-game opponents and give your viewers something exciting to see, it’s also equally helpful to be a charismatic and entertaining person in front of the camera.

For example, Dr.Disrespect is one of the most famous video-game streamers, often achieving immense viewership when broadcasting. 

He’s not exceptionally good at the games he plays, although that’s what he tends to believe, yet there’s something else he brings to the table instead, which makes him a Twitch superstar. His personality is unlike anything else seen in a Twitch broadcaster, so people enjoy watching him solely for that.

Put on a good act, and you’re suddenly more interesting than the game itself.

The same goes for other Twitch stars, such as Sodapoppin and Kaceytron.

So, it’s up to you as a streamer to find the things you’re good at and use them to your advantage and a way to “lure in” new viewers.  

5. Get Familiar With Your Audience

Twitch Channel Audience

One of the most valuable skills of a Twitch streamer is versatility.

A great example of a broadcaster who’s versatile with their content is Summit1G. He is the type of streamer to often switch between the games he’s playing based on what the viewers want to see. That is incredibly important when it comes to growing your channel.

If your viewers are excited to see you play a game of Among Us, there’s no point to switch to something completely different such as PUBG, for example, because your viewership will likely drop, and your viewers will watch someone else’s stream instead. It happened many times before.

It’s all about becoming familiar with your audience and learning more about why they’re watching you. That is often done by regularly interacting with your chat, but other methods can also be used, such as creating polls and letting your community decide what happens next. 

To build a versatile audience, you have to be brave enough to experiment with different games. If you are a streamer who doesn’t commit to a single game, you need a versatile audience to succeed.   

Think of it this way. The more areas you’re present in, the higher the chances of earning new viewers. And, the more you listen to what they have to say, the higher the chances that they’ll remain viewers for a long time.

Sometimes people on Twitch will accidentally find your channel because you’re playing the game they’re looking up. And, if you are a pleasant person to watch and your stream is entertaining, they might follow your channel and visit every once in a while, even when you’re playing a different game.

There’s nothing wrong with committing to one game, though, but that limits your channel’s growth potential. Unless you plan to become better than anyone else streaming that particular game, which is often likely in the borders of impossible, it’s usually much better to play what the viewers prefer to watch.

Often, viewers want to see you play the latest releases, which we cover in the upcoming section.

6. Keep In Touch With The Latest Trends And Releases

Twitch Channel Trending

Each new video game release is an opportunity for Twitch streamers.

It’s incredible how many Twitch streamers became famous because they “hopped on” early on the “hype train.”

What that means is being amongst the first few streamers who start playing a freshly-released game before others. This method of following trends works even better if the game is long-awaited by many people.

Among Us, for example, is one of the games that managed to singlehandedly build careers for quite a lot of streamers. The secret is the following: When a new game comes out, viewers want to see the gameplay, so they’ll often choose any stream since their favorite broadcaster is most likely not playing it yet, or at all.

And just like that, if you manage to hold onto that surge of new people on your stream, you’ll earn quite a few long-term viewers, which helps grow your channel.

In the next section, we cover collaborating with other streamers, which should further answer the eternal question of how to get more viewers on Twitch.     

7. Collaborate With Other Streamers To Broaden Your Audience

Twitch Channel Deal

Newer streamers often underestimate the power of collaborating and squad streaming. 

Twitch raids and squad streams are amongst the many things that make this gaming-oriented streaming platform the best in the world. And, more importantly, they’re here to make your channel better as well.

Collaborating with other streamers often means increasing your chances to earn new viewers, especially if the other streamer is well-established. Think of it like a music artist scoring a feature with someone who already dominates the top charts.

To squad streams and find collaboration opportunities, broadcasters usually join streaming teams. To learn more about Twitch Teams and how they work, feel free to check out this official article.

8. Don’t Forget To Promote Your Content Outside Of Twitch

Twitch Channel Marketing

Sometimes an exciting moment going viral is all it takes to become a recognized Twitch streamer.

As much as it is crucial to advertise on Twitch, it’s equally important to promote your channel on other websites as well.

Doing so doesn’t interfere with Twitch’s policy in any negative way, as some might think, and it’s something you should focus on in your free time if getting new viewers is your current goal.

Post highlights of your gameplay, funny moments, fails, and chat interactions, and don’t be afraid to do so often. Anything that might interest someone or grab their attention is of good use. Make sure to always leave a link to your Twitch channel when promoting on other sites and platforms. Reddit and YouTube work best, but there are a lot more options available as well.

If you have the budget, contacting a digital marketing agent who can manage your socials while you’re focused on the main thing is also a good idea.    

9. Create A Streaming Schedule

Twitch Channel Schedule

Creating a schedule shows dedication and commitment

One of the main mistakes beginner Twitch streamers make is not being consistent with their broadcasts. That can often lead to viewer disappointment and sabotage your channel’s growth.

Creating a streaming schedule means that your viewers will be able to organize around it. It also ensures most of them won’t miss your stream due to uncertainty.

Look at your statistics often and interact with your viewers. Doing so will give you a better understanding of where they’re from and during which part of the day they prefer watching Twitch streams. This method will help you avoid situations in which your viewers won’t be able to tune into your stream because it’s scheduled too late into the day or during work hours.

Planning your broadcasts is not all about when you’ll stream but also about what type of content it’s going to be.

Some popular Twitch streamers have days on which they allow their viewers to decide what they’ll play, and as expected, those are the days they have the highest viewing count.

So, if part of your viewers want to see you play your main game, while the others want to see you try multiple, randomly chosen games throughout the stream, it can be problematic to satisfy both sides. However, with proper scheduling, you can create streaming days dedicated to ensuring your audience gets what they request, which in the long term will maximize your viewer count and help you avoid disappointment.

You can also schedule days on which you play with followers and subscribers. The more organic interaction you have with your viewers, the higher the chances they’ll remain fans of your stream for a long time.

10. Focus Purely On Organic Channel Growth

Twitch Channel Growth

A dozen long-term followers are worth a lot more than a thousand temporary ones.

In the battle for the much-sought-after exposure on Twitch, people pull all kinds of tricks to increase the amount of attention their channel receives. Although it’s often tempting to utilize these so-called “black-hat” methods for temporal channel growth, it’s crucial to understand that it isn’t worth it in the long run.

Many online services offer “increasing your viewer count” for financial compensation, but that’s only temporal and accompanied by many risks, one of which is getting banned from Twitch.

Based on what top-tier broadcasters have to say, nothing beats hard work, dedication, and organic growth when succeeding on this platform is in question.

Instead of spending your budget on getting a few bots to watch your stream, use it to improve the sound isolation in your streaming room or invest in a rig upgrade. That will help the most in the many upcoming streaming days, while everything else is temporary and just not worth it.

Organic channel growth goes a long way.


With all that said, you now know a bit more about how to grow your Twitch channel. But you’re also probably aware that succeeding on Twitch is no easy task. However, everything is possible with enough hard work and dedication, and we believe you got what it takes to achieve it.

Monetizing your work is also very important throughout your Twitch journey, as this keeps the lights on and allows you to invest in your channel. We cover this in one of our guides which you can find here.  

The beginnings are often the most difficult but do not let that discourage you from pursuing your goals.

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