How To Report Someone On Discord

Do you want to report someone on Discord but don't know how to do it? Reporting someone on Discord is very easy, fortunately. Here is a step-by-step guide.

In 2024, Discord is one of the most popular VoIP platforms in the world, with hundreds of millions of users every month.

It is a platform where users worldwide can gather and create communities on any topic they wish.

With so many active users, you might eventually encounter toxic users that decide to harass you or your friends.

The optimal way to handle toxic users is to block them and perhaps even report them if you think they are violating Discord’s official rules.

Let’s take a look at how you can inform someone on Discord.

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Discord Guidelines

Before you report anyone on Discord, it is important to know and understand the platform’s rules. If a user does not break these rules, even if you don’t like what they are doing, they are unlikely to be punished or banned, so you shouldn’t waste your time.

Here are some actions that break Discord’s rules and justify sending a report:

  • Harassment
  • Abuse
  • Cheats, hacks, and malware
  • Blackmailing
  • Threats

These are quite broad descriptions, and anything that can be considered to fall under these categories is likely against Discord rules.

However, something that doesn’t break Discord rules or the law is unlikely to be deemed worthy of a ban. If you don’t like somebody’s actions but don’t think they will be punished, the best thing to do is to simply block them and move on.

Filing A Report Form

If you want to report a user to Discord directly, you will need to file a report form. This is a web-based form that requires you to enter all of the necessary information and provide evidence against the user.

Here are the fields you should complete:

What can we help you with?

Here, you need to select the category that your issue falls under. For example, for server or user reports, select Trust & Safety.

Your email address

Simply provide your email address in case the Discord support team needs to contact you for more information or to inform you of their decision.

How can we help?

In this field, specify which type of issue you are reporting. The choices are abuse or harassment, spam, or other problems.

What would you like to report?

In this field, you will see different options depending on what you selected in the previous field. Look through the various options and ensure you choose the appropriate one.

In what way?

If you choose scams, fraud, or prohibited transactions, you will need to specify which kind of scam is occurring. For example, is it related to users being scammed out of their Discord accounts? Is someone selling fake Nitro codes? Your answer to this question will help Discord staff understand the nature of the issue.

Message Link

The most important part of your report is the message link. Without a correct link, the Discord support team won’t be able to see any evidence of the situation.

To obtain this link, you must locate a damaging message by the user you wish to report, right-click on it, and choose “Copy Message link.”

user trying to scam people of Discord accounts
A user is trying to scam people out of their accounts.


Specify what the user is doing, what they are trying to do, etc.


Describe exactly which rules/guidelines the user is breaking, in which server, how frequently, and any other helpful information that would justify banning them.

You can also include the person’s username and distinct ID. To locate that information, right-click their profile image, click Profile, then copy their name and ID.

The information should be formatted like this: Username#0000

Attachments (optional)

As the title indicates, this is discretionary, but you can attach a few screenshots or other files if you feel they will add additional strength to your case.

Now, just press Submit, and you are done!

The team will email you within the next few weeks.

Reporting User To Server Admin/Mod

Discord’s help team is often very occupied because of the large amount of reports they get each day. You may need to wait a while for a reply to your report. If you desire prompt action against the user violating the rules, think about getting in touch with the server’s admin or mod.

You can see a server’s admin or mods in the member list on the right. They are usually located above the other users, and their names will be displayed in a color associated with their role.

Mods and Admins in Discord server
Figure 1 Mods and Admins in a server.

Before reaching out to an admin, make sure to review the server’s guidelines. This will aid in determining if the user has violated any rules that warrant reporting.

If you believe they have, send a DM to a mod or admin. You will need to specify which user is breaking the rules and provide evidence. Include screenshots or send a direct link to the incriminating message.

The admin will review your evidence, and if there are grounds to do so, they will likely ban the toxic user. The length of the ban will usually depend on the severity of the rulebreaking.

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