How To Report Someone On Discord

Do you want to report someone on Discord but don't know how to do it? Reporting someone on Discord is very easy, fortunately. Here is a step-by-step guide.

In 2021, Discord is easily one of the largest VoIP platforms, housing hundreds of millions of users every month.

It’s a place where users worldwide can gather and create communities on all types of topics.

Of course, with millions of active users, it’s not unexpected to run into toxic users that may be harassing you or any of your friends.

The best way to deal with toxic users is to block them and maybe even report them if you believe they are breaking Discord’s official guidelines.

Let’s have a look at how you can report someone on Discord.

Discord Guidelines

Before you can report anyone on this platform, it is essential to learn and understand its rules. If a user does not break these rules, they don’t deserve to be punished or banned, so ensure you don’t waste your time.

Here are some of the things you should consider before sending a report:

  • Harassment
  • Abuse
  • Cheats, hacks, and malware
  • Blackmailing
  • Threats

You can see where they are going with these guidelines. Anything similar you can think of would also apply.

However, anything outside of these rules is not deemed worthy of a ban, so if you disagree with someone, that does not mean that you should report them.

Filing A Report Form

If you want to report a user to Discord directly, it is best to file a report form. It’s a web-based form that requires you to fill in all of the necessary information and evidence against the user.

Here are the fields you should fill:

What can we help you with?

Under this, you will need to pick your issue. For example, for server or user reports, select Trust & Safety.

Your email address

Pretty self-explanatory. Just add your email address in case the Discord support team needs to contact you.

How can we help?

In this field, specify what type of issue you will be talking about. The choices are abuse or harassment, spam, or other problems.

What would you like to report?

Under this field, you’ll see many choices that will differ based on what you picked in the previous field. Read through all of the options and make sure you choose the right one.

In what way?

If scams, fraud, or prohibited transactions are picked, you will need to specify what kind of scam is in question. For example, is it related to scamming users of their Discord accounts? Is someone selling fake Nitro codes? The answer to these questions will provide you with the right choice.

Message Link

The most vital part of your report is the message link. Without this link, the Discord support team won’t have any evidence of the situation.

To get this link, you will need to find the incriminating message of the user you want to report, right-click it, and hit the Copy Message link.

A user is trying to scam people of their accounts.


Specify what the user is doing, trying to do, etc.


Describe exactly which rules/guidelines the user is breaking, in which server, how often, and other helpful information that would ultimately be used to ban the person.

Additionally, you could add the person’s name and a unique ID. To get that information, right-click the user’s profile picture, hit Profile, and then copy their name and ID.

It should look like this: Username#0000

Attachments (optional)

As the name specifies, this is entirely optional, but you can attach a few screenshots or other files if you feel like you can add more to the story.

That’s the last thing you have to do. Now, just hit Submit, and you are done!

The team should respond to you in the next several business days via email.

Reporting User To Server Admin/Mod

Discord’s team for support is pretty busy nowadays considering the vast number of reports every day; so a response or action against the user may not be forthcoming. If you want immediate action to be taken against the person you’d like to be banned, we recommend talking with the server’s admin or mod.

You can find a server’s admin or mods in the member list on the right. Usually, they are located on top of all the other users, and their names will be in a specific color.

Figure 1 Mods and Admins in a server.

Before you speak with an admin, we suggest you check out the server’s rules. Do this to determine whether the user has broken any rules that are worthy enough to be reported.

After that, send a DM to a mod/admin of your choice. Once you get the conversation started, you need to specify exactly which user is breaking the rules. Of course, evidence will also be required. Either provide screenshots or send a direct link to the message.

The admin will review your evidence, and if there are grounds to do so, they will likely ban the toxic user. The length of the ban will depend on the transgression.

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