How To Report A Discord Server

Do you want to report a Discord server for some reason? Here is a guide that shows you exactly how to report a Discord server.

If you open up Discord’s search function, you’ll find thousands of servers dedicated to video games, movies, TV shows, board games, memes, jokes, and anything else you can think of.

With so many servers, you are bound to end up in one filled with toxic, hateful, or even violent members. The best way to deal with these, of course, is to leave and report them. Reports can eventually lead to a ban that reduces the spread of toxicity on the Discord platform. So it’s very worthwhile!

Here’s how you can do that.

Discord Rules & Guidelines

Before you start running rampant sending reports to dozens of servers, we recommend looking at Discord’s rules and guidelines. Because if the server is well within those rights, you don’t really have a reason to report it. Personal issues/opinions are not exactly justifiable.

Here are some of those guidelines:

  • Spam
  • Harassment, bullying, etc.
  • Hate messages
  • Violent content
  • Threats
  • Animal cruelty

Keep in mind, there are several other rules that need to be considered.

Sending A Report To Discord Support

You may assume that sending a report is as easy as clicking a button on the app itself. And rightly so! However, it’s not that simple; you will need to use the online Report Form.

The online report form will require you to fill all of the blank fields with the correct information. So, before you begin, make sure you have gathered everything you need.

Make sure Trust & Safety is selected in the first field.

In the next field, add your email address in case the Discord support team needs to contact you for further information or inform you of their decision.

In the next few form fields, it is imperative to be as accurate as you can. First, specify exactly what the problem is, whether it is spam, harassment, abuse, or any other issue.

In our case, we chose the abuse or harassment selection which then opens up new options. So, let’s say the server you want to report promotes and sells hacks. For that, you should pick Cheats, hacks, malware, or cracked accounts.

In the next field, specify whether it is hacks for multiplayer games, malware, or a market for stolen/cracked accounts.

The next field is the most important part of the reporting process—a direct link to the message that can be used as evidence for the issue.

To get that link, you’ll need to head into the Discord server, right-click the message, and hit Copy Message Link.

Get back to the report form and paste the link you’ve copied.

Below the message link, you have only a couple more blank fields that require being filled.

First, specify a subject. Keep it short for this one. Right below it, under Description, carefully describe the issue with the server or that specific message.

Finally, there’s a field for attachments. So, if you have any extra message links, you can put them in a .txt or .docx file and upload that file on the form. Don’t forget that you could add some screenshots of the wrongdoings in the server as further evidence to support your claim.

All that is left is to just hit the Submit button and you are done!

The support team will probably need some time to review the evidence, so you’ll probably receive a response in a week or two.

Reporting Server On Third-Party Websites

If Discord has not responded to your official report form even after providing enough evidence and information, it might be best to look for a solution elsewhere.

Thankfully, there are a bunch of third-party websites out there dedicated entirely to rating and ranking Discord servers.

Some of the more popular of those websites are, Discords, Discord servers, to name a few.

On some of these websites, there is either an option to report the server or rate it.

In the case of, your only choice is to leave a legitimate review with a one-star rating.

By utilizing any of the methods mentioned above, we can all work together to keep Discord a healthy and friendly environment for everyone.

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