How To Change Steam Password

Keep your Steam library safe and secure! Here is a simple guide on how to change or reset your Steam password. We've included screenshots to guide you!

Users of the popular Steam gaming platform invest a lot of time and money in their accounts.

Regularly purchasing games, especially at triple-A prices, can make seemingly insignificant costs add up to a huge sum of money.

If you have been a Steam user for a long time, your account is likely worth at least a thousand dollars, and that’s at the lower end compared to some of the leading accounts. You can check the value of your Steam account here.

This means keeping your Steam profile protected at all times is essential. When it comes to protection, having a secure and difficult-to-hack password is the key. Here’s how to easily change your password.

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Changing Your Steam Password

  1. Open the Steam client on your PC.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Navigate to “Steam” in the top left corner, then open the “Settings” section.
    Change Steam Password
  4. After clicking on “Settings,” select the first tab, “Account” (it will usually already be highlighted), then click on “Change Password,” as illustrated in the screenshot below.
    How To Change Password On Steam
  5. If you have 2FA (two-factor authentication) enabled, you will need to confirm your identity via your phone or e-mail address, depending on your individual account settings.
    The screenshot below shows an account that uses Steam’s mobile authentication method. If you have assigned an e-mail address as your preferred 2FA method, or you don’t have 2FA active, you might not see this screen at all.
    How To Change Steam Password On Website
  6. Steam will send a unique code that you need to enter into the empty field shown below.
    Don’t panic if the code doesn’t arrive immediately. Steam can become overloaded by high demand, and you might need to wait a minute or two. If the message doesn’t arrive, click on “Resend account verification code” below the empty field. If verifying by e-mail, be sure to check your “Junk” and “Spam” folders.
    How Do I Change My Steam Password
  7. The final step is to input your new password into the upper field, then repeat it in the following one. Once you’ve done this, click the “Change Password” button at the bottom. If you repeat the new password correctly, your Steam account password will be successfully changed.
    How To Change Your Password On Steam

Steam might ask you to log into your account again, but usually only if your account is already logged into on other PCs.

Changing Your Steam Password May Affect The Following Things:

  • Your ability to trade in-game items, such as cosmetics, in games like Dota 2 or CS:GO.
  • Your ability to use the Steam Community Market
  • Your ability to make changes to your friends list

Famous games like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive include cosmetic items that you can trade a lot. You can do this to get a profit or just to get the cosmetic item you desire.

Trading items on Steam is so popular that some third-party websites providing such services are considered multi-million dollar businesses.

If you’re a trader, it’s crucial that you steer clear of Steam’s feared “Trade Lock,” which can happen when important modifications are made to a user’s account. Why does this occur?

Steam Account Password Change
Most common reasons why Steam issues trading and market restrictions. Source: Steam

Steam can detect a recent change to sensitive information, in this example, a password. It immediately issues a preventive security measure in case the account is not being used by its real owner.

For example, if someone breaches your account and tries to change the password to lock you out, Steam will notify you of suspicious activity. It is important that you have time to react and regain control of your account before you lose access to your game library and in-game items. This is why Steam implements a “Trade Lock” when a suspicious login occurs or an account password is changed. This makes stealing an account far more difficult.

Forgotten Password Steam
A screenshot showing an example of a 3-day trade hold

Do This To Keep Your Steam Account Safe

To avoid the aforementioned issues with trade locks and Steam detecting suspicious account activity, install the Steam mobile authenticator or use your e-mail address as a 2FA method. You can read more about 2FA in the official Steam 2FA guide.

It’s good to use 2FA for better security on your account. It makes it harder for scammers and hackers to get in. They would need to get your phone or email. You should use 2FA on all your online accounts, not just Steam.

Steam Account Change Password

It might seem like a hassle to input a unique 5-character code every time you log into your account, but it’s far better than the alternative: losing your account. If you use your smartphone, it should only take a few extra seconds.

You can utilize the “Recall me on this PC” option to access Steam. This guarantees that the application retains your login details and automatically signs you in when you launch Steam on your PC.

Steam even recommends you to do so.

How Do I Change My Password On Steam


Changing your Steam password is simple and straightforward. However, it has some temporary consequences unless you are already using two-factor authentication to access your account.

If you are still encountering difficulties when resetting or changing your Steam password, try contacting Steam support, who should be able to help.

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