Who Owns Twitch?

Who owns Twitch? Here's a hint: Amazon. In this article, we tell the story of Twitch and how it was acquired by Amazon, and who owns it now.

Twitch.tv is the world’s largest and most popular online streaming platform. You will mostly find gaming-related content on this platform, but as the “Just Chatting” category keeps growing, other “everyday activity” types of streams are not rare to find at all.

It’s not a secret that Twitch.tv grew massively in popularity over the past years, and this allowed a new generation of internet superstars to be born.

The new, younger generations are no longer watching regular TV. Instead, they spend their free time tuning in and chatting in exciting live streams.

But, how did Twitch manage to grow so much and become the better choice of entertainment for so many people? And, most importantly, who owns it?

Find out in the article below.

Who Owns Twitch.tv At The Moment?

Currently, Twitch.tv is owned by Amazon.com, Inc.

Twitch’s founders are Justin Kan, Emmett Shear, Michael Seibel, Kyle Vogt, and Kevin Lin.

Key people are Sara Clemens acting as Chief Operating Officer, and Erin Wayne, as Community & Creator Marketing Manager. If you’d like to know more information about this, you can find it on the official Twitch.tv Wikipedia page.

Twitch officially launched on June 6, 2011.

Although Twitch.tv is very different today than how it was in the past, all of its accumulated success was made possible thanks to the early efforts and dedication by the core founding team of Justin.tv, Inc.

To better understand where Twitch is coming from, and more importantly, what Justin.tv, Inc. is and how it’s related to Twitch, make sure to check the section below.

Twitch.tv Was Once Just an Idea – What Is Justin.tv?

You’ve probably heard many success stories of brands or products that weren’t even planned to become what they turned out to be, and Twitch.tv is one of them. Let’s take a trip down memory lane!

In the early stages of the internet era, live streams weren’t popular at all. On the contrary, they were pretty non-existent, especially in particular niches such as gaming.

However, a group of young innovators had a vision, and they did everything to make it a reality.

In 2007, Justin Kan, Emmett Shear, Michael Seibel, and Kyle Vogt- the names that should already be familiar to you from the previous section- fatefully decided to build an internet startup in San Francisco, California. It’s a great job they did!

This is when the first version of Justin.tv was born.

Originally, Justin.tv was a single-channel website, where Justin Kan broadcasted a large part of his daily life. This was called “lifecasting,” and it’s similar to today’s “Just Chatting” section on Twitch.

It didn’t take too long before Justin Kan stopped broadcasting and re-vamped Justin.tv in a brilliant multiple-channel website, where thousands of various channels were born!

After the team realized the potential of their idea, they rebranded to Twitch Interactive, and in 2014, Justin.tv was officially shut down.

Amazon acquired Twitch.tv in 2014 for $970 million. This led to the implementation of the popular Amazon Prime feature on the platform.  

In November 2017, Twitch published an official article on their blog, stating that all Justin.tv usernames are being released. So, if users had their favorite nickname taken by someone active on Justin.tv, they could now use it on Twitch.

What Did Twitch.tv Grow Into?

Once just an idea, and today the largest online streaming platform and host of many e-sport events. If it wasn’t for Twitch, watching e-sport events, gaming showcases, and other similar types of content would be much more difficult.

Since many internet celebrities are now using Twitch, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll come across an exciting moment if you tune into a Livestream. Plus, there are so many different types of content you can choose to watch. So even if you are not a gamer, Twitch’s Just Chatting section will still manage to find a way to entertain you.

Twitch.tv is also a career opportunity for many creative individuals across the world. Although it’s not easy to become a well-established broadcaster due to all the competition, managing to become one is a wonderful career choice filled with many opportunities.

The platform also has its own IRL (in-real-life) event called TwitchCon that anyone can attend- if they’re lucky enough to manage to grab a ticket before they’re sold out. This further confirms just how far Twitch has come over the years, and it doesn’t seem like its rollercoaster success is going to slow down any time soon!


Now that you know more about Twitch, you can use this as an inspiration to continue pursuing your dreams.

A “silly” idea of “lifecasting” managed to become the world leader in live streaming, collaborating with the well-known giant Amazon.com and over a thousand other partners as well. Twitch keeps growing by the day, and everyone is excited to see what it’ll become in the future.

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