Fix: Roblox Error Code 272

Is the 272 error code on Roblox interrupting your game? Don't worry. In this guide, we'll explain what this issue is and the various ways to solve it.

Exploits, cheats, and other forms of artificial support to gain an advantage over other users are common in online multiplayer games. This is why almost every online platform has some sort of basic protection aimed to prevent this.

Roblox, being the mega-popular platform it is, also has a security system that needs to stop players from using exploits, and that’s exactly what it does when the 272 error is triggered.

If you’ve recently dealt with the 272 Roblox error, keep reading to learn more.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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The Problem Explained


Based on numerous user reports, the 272 Roblox error occurs when a user tries launching the game, resulting in an immediate disconnect due to the platform’s security system detecting forbidden software running on the user’s PC.

If you’re running any software, such as Cheat Engine or others on your computer while trying to launch Roblox, you’ll get the 272 error.

Two messages could occur with the error prompt once you experience this issue:

  • Disconnected due to the Security Key Mismatch (Error Code: 272)
  • Lost connection due to an error. (Error Code: 272)

So, in simple terms, you should disable anything that could be considered an exploit or artificial help running on your computer before launching the game, including some mods.

However, if you’re certain that you’re not using any exploits, mods, cheats, or hacks, yet the 272 error occurs every time you try to play Roblox, there are methods available to try and “fix” it.

It’s rare for this error to occur falsely when the user isn’t doing anything “suspicious,” but it could happen, and it usually happens during unexpected server outages.

Here’s what you can try doing to fix the 272 Roblox error if you are certain that it isn’t caused by any of the software running in the background on your PC being detected as cheats or exploits.

Fix 1: Disable Background Software Before Launching Roblox


Since many computer programs can be used for exploits, a lot of them are added on a blocklist, and you may not even be aware of it so you get the 272 error when launching Roblox. To make sure you are not getting this error because the game’s security system thinks you’re trying to run an exploit, we recommend disabling anything that’s not essential for your computer to run before launching the game.

To do this, reboot your PC and then open Task Manager. Go into the processes tab and disable any running programs that could interfere with the game in any way.

If you have any mod-related apps running, disable those as well.

We also recommend temporarily deleting the folder where your Roblox mods are, if you have them, just to see if that could be the problem cause.

Then, launch Roblox and see if you get the 272 error. If you do, we recommend performing a clean uninstall and then re-downloading the game. 

Fix 2: Do A Full, Clean Reinstall Of The Game


If you’ve downloaded any mods or third-party files, chances are that the game detects them as unwanted and risky. However, they could be anywhere in any of your game’s folders, so finding them would be very difficult as you’ll have to manually check all files.

The best way to fix this problem is by uninstalling the game and deleting all folders associated with it, and then re-downloading only the original files and installing them.

This should fix the problem as now your game has only original files, and if no risky background apps are running on your PC the next time you try to launch it, you should no longer experience the 272 Roblox error.


That’s everything you should know about this Roblox error code. Hopefully, you’re seeing it as a mistake and not due to intentionally trying to use exploits and cheats to gain an advantage over others.

If it’s there by mistake, applying the methods in this guide should help you fix the problem without much effort.

Please remember that cheating in multiplayer games ruins the experience for everyone else and we strongly advise against it.

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