Fix: Avast Resolve All Does Nothing

Does the Avast "Resolve all" feature not work on your Windows 10 PC? Here are 4 potential fixes to help you solve this troublesome issue.

What makes a well-designed antivirus product stand above a bad one, beyond the ability to keep your system safe, is its user interface and accessibility.

Antivirus programs are used by computer experts and casual users alike, so they need to be straightforward.

Avast has a feature called “Resolve All,” which removes all discovered threats with the press of a button and is very popular among its users.

However, there are times when this feature malfunctions, and users are left confused and potentially exposed to threats. We have gathered the solutions you need if this situation occurs.

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Fix 1: Start Avast With Administrator Privileges

Avast Antivirus Start As Admin

When antivirus software finds threats on your PC, it needs to remove or quarantine those files to prevent further harm to your system. However, the software can’t modify or delete any files on your PC unless it is granted permission to do so.

This is why running Avast with administrator privileges can solve the problem. When you click “Resolve All,” you are instructing the software to make changes to files stored on your storage drive.

Running the software as an admin is easy. Simply right-click the shortcut and select Run as Administrator.

Fix 2: Run The Avast Repair Tool

Avast Antivirus Avast Repair Tool

The Avast repair tool can help with many different problems that lack obvious solutions. Whenever the program suffers a bug, you can run the repair tool, and it will usually result in a positive outcome.

To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Avast on your PC. We recommend running it as an Administrator.
  2. Click Menu, then Settings. From here, open the Settings tab and then click General.
  3. To begin the app-repair process, click Troubleshooting and then Repair App.

This might take a while, depending on your system’s performance. Once the process completes, reboot your PC and start Avast again. Don’t forget to run it as an Administrator.

Run a scan and see if the Resolve All button works now.

Fix 3: Uninstall Other Antivirus Software

It’s well-known that running multiple antivirus programs often leads to them conflicting with each other, causing unwanted problems and doing more harm than good.

If you have Avast active on your PC, you should disable any similar programs to avoid issues. Even Windows Defender can cause issues if other anti-malware or threat-protection apps are active at the same time, and Defender is considered one of the “friendliest” antivirus programs.

If you have nothing else installed, temporarily disable Windows Defender and see if that solves your problem.

Follow the steps below to do that:

  1. Click the search button on your taskbar in Windows. Type in Windows Security and press “Enter” on your keyboard.
  2. In the panel that appears, click Virus & Threat Protection. Scroll down to where it says “Virus & threat protection settings,” then click on Manage Settings right below it.
  3. Toggle the real-time protection setting switch and turn it off. Don’t close the window.

Run Avast as Administrator and see if the Resolve All feature now works. If it does, wait until the process completes and then turn your real-time protection back on.

Note: It isn’t recommended to use both Windows Security (Windows Defender) and Avast simultaneously in the long term.

Fix 4: Reinstall The Program

Avast Antivirus Reinstall

If none of the solutions listed above work, it might be worth reinstalling your Avast software. If you do, be sure to download the most recent version before you install it again.

You can find the latest version on the official website.

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