Fix: Avast is Not Installing

Do you have trouble installing Avast on your PC? You're not the only one with this issue so we created this guide to help you fix it with ease.

Keeping your PC protected is essential in the digital age. To achieve that, many users install antivirus software on their systems.

Although this doesn’t guarantee absolute security against threats, it significantly increases the chances of enjoying a safer online experience.

Avast is one of the most popular antivirus programs available today, but it sometimes fails to install. This leaves PCs belonging to people who want to use Avast unprotected and potentially exposed to online dangers.

To overcome this problem, you can utilize the methods listed in this guide.

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The Problem Explained

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Avast can be set up in various methods, yet not all users are knowledgeable about this reality.

If you are using an online installer, your PC needs to remain connected to the internet throughout the entire process.

Installing antivirus software on a PC before initially connecting it to the internet is a smart move. However, you can’t do this without having a full version of the setup software on a CD or flash drive, also known as an offline installer.

If somebody attempts to use a so-called “stub installer” for the setup on a PC without an internet connection, the process will fail.

Before looking at the steps, make sure you are using an offline installer or, if you have a reliable internet connection, download the latest installer for Avast from their official website.

What Is A Stub (Online) Installer?

A Stub installer is a .exe file that doesn’t contain all the files necessary for the software to run as intended. Instead, it connects to the official database and downloads the files for the latest version.  

Fix 1: Run The Installation With Administrator Privileges

If you have no authorization to modify files on your system, installing antivirus software will be impossible.

Because of this, running the installation .exe file as an Administrator can be the easiest fix.

running installation as administrator

Fix 2: Ensure The Installation File Is Official And Published By Avast

You can find Avast installation files on numerous unofficial websites, with many of these being outdated or broken.

Some people download such installers to avoid license costs, but ultimately, they end up with a faulty setup that can cause more harm than good.

The simplest and most trustworthy way to install Avast is by purchasing the software and downloading it from the official website.

Fix 3: Only Install On Systems That Meet The Requirements

Antivirus programs keep improving as time goes by, but this means the requirements usually become greater as well.

If you try installing Avast on a PC that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, the setup will fail, and you will be unable to install the program.

Avast systems requirements

This is rarely the case, but it’s worth knowing as some users try to install the software on older systems and encounter the problem.

Fix 4: Install The Right File For Your System Type

If you have a 32-bit system, you can’t install a 64-bit version. This is why you must make sure you download and install the right file type for your system.

Some websites ask you to choose the installer type you want to download, while others skip this step. The Avast website won’t ask you beforehand, but you will need to choose the correct option during the installation process.

To check whether your system is 32-bit or 64-bit, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the search bar in Windows, type in “This PC”, and press Enter on your keyboard. You can skip this step if you already have a shortcut for “This PC” on your start menu or desktop.
    Typing This PC in Windows search bar
  2. Right-click anywhere on the empty space and select Properties. It is the last option on the menu that appears.
    PC Properties
  3. Here, you can view various information about your system. If the System type says 64-bit, you should choose the 64-bit installation.
    system type 64 bit

This will help you choose the correct setup type when installing Avast and prevent it from failing.

If you have a 64-bit system, you can choose to download a 32-bit installation. However, it isn’t possible to run a 64-bit setup on a 32-bit system.

Fix 5: Disable Or Uninstall Other Antivirus Software

Multiple antivirus programs are known to conflict with each other, and already-active software can sometimes prevent the installation of another one.

If your antivirus is active, turning it off should solve the problem of Avast installation failure. This does make your computer temporarily unprotected until one of them is running again.

The best way to do this is as follows:

  1. Temporarily disable your current antivirus software.
  2. Download the Avast setup from the official website.
  3. Disable your internet connection and run the Avast setup.
  4. When Avast has finished installing, uninstall your previous antivirus software as it is counterproductive to have two on your system simultaneously.
  5. Restart your PC because you have installed new software and uninstalled an existing one. Connect your PC to the internet again as it is now safe to do so.

You can learn more about why antivirus programs conflict with each other here.


There are many possible reasons for your Avast installation failing. In most cases, the solution is quite straightforward. By using the methods listed above, you should be able to overcome this problem once and for all.

If nothing assists, you should consider contacting the Avast support team for further guidance. The issue could be related to a newly released software version being defective or unstable.

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