How To Make A Twitch Overlay

Overlays are great if you want to stream on Twitch. Here's the ultimate guide on how to make a Twitch overlay with ease!

One of the many benefits of streaming on Twitch is the ability to personalize your channel’s looks.

Doing this allows you to attract viewers more easily by utilizing your creativity and making custom emotes, stickers, and even stream overlays.

Overlays are perhaps the most significant as they have the greatest impact on how your stream looks. As you probably already know, visual appeal often attracts viewers more than any other aspect.

For example, Dr. Disrespect’s stream features custom overlays that complement his character. These are implemented so well that viewers will be entertained by the graphics and the streamer’s performance, even before seeing any gameplay action.

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In this guide, you will learn how to create a Twitch overlay and the things to keep in mind when making one.

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What Is A Twitch Overlay?

A Twitch overlay consists of multiple graphics used to give better structure to a stream. An overlay often contains a place for the face cam, game title, song name, subscriber count, name of the newest follower, name of the most recent donator, and more.

There are no fixed rules when creating an overlay for your stream, so feel free to come up with a design you think suits your content the most.

Some Twitch streamers prefer to have just a few overlay elements on their screen, while others go into greater detail and come up with more intricate designs.

Overlays are also great for taking a break from playing, switching a scene, or simply setting the mood for what’s coming next on your stream.

Twitch overlay

Your stream will look much nicer and more professional when there’s something on your screen at all times for viewers to look at. This is far more welcoming than showing a black screen while switching to a different game, for example.

Attracting new viewers is much easier when your stream immediately suggests effort and dedication. With that said, let’s take a look at how you can create an overlay for your channel.    

How To Create A Twitch Overlay

Designing a Twitch overlay may seem overwhelming initially, but be certain, you don’t have to be an expert artist to accomplish it successfully.

A Twitch overlay can be created by anyone willing to invest the necessary time and creativity into the process. For the technical aspect, there are many useful websites to help you do it without any previous Photoshop experience or design knowledge.

Examples of these websites include Own3d, Canva, and Placeit.

However, if you don’t like using presets, you can always create a unique overlay using programs such as Adobe Photoshop. This approach allows for greater customization and creative freedom.

When creating a Twitch Overlay, it’s a good idea to take a screenshot of your stream, then use this screenshot as a background to get a better sense of where each element should be placed.

As different layouts work better for different games, it’s worth repeating this process for all the games you play.

For instance, Dota 2 streamers can’t position their face cam or any other overlay element in the bottom-left corner because viewers won’t be able to see the minimap, which is a crucial part of the game. This also applies to CS:GO streamers who can’t cover the top-left corner due to the radar.

You will often see streamers switching their layouts based on the game they’re playing to ensure the best possible viewing experience for their audience.

It’s also a good idea to create a quick, simple sketch before you start designing to ensure the layout will be intuitive for your viewers.

Once you are happy with the layout, start designing the various elements.

Place a border around the face cam area and use a combination of colors that match the theme of your channel.

Take a look at this example from a world-famous Counter-Strike streamer, S1mple. Notice how his entire stream matches his team’s color, making it visually appealing and consistent.

Twitch overlay by counter strike streamer

After finishing the face cam design, you can move on to the extras, such as banners and subscriber count areas. If the game you stream the most features many details (like most MMORPGs), it’s probably best to keep your overlay minimal so the viewers won’t be distracted.

If you feel like the overlay occupies too much screen space and makes your stream more difficult to watch, consider resizing certain elements and reducing their opacity to make them transparent.

There are no specific rules to adhere to when designing a Twitch overlay other than ensuring it complements the stream instead of taking attention away from it.

However, there are numerous tips you can use to make your design better. Check out the following section if you’re keen to learn more.   

Things To Keep In Mind When Creating A Twitch Overlay

The top Twitch overlay is the one you create using only your imagination and talent. However, there are a few design concepts and ideas that have already been shown to be effective for numerous streamers. Think about incorporating them to enhance your design.


Take a look at the tips below that may give you a starting point and a better sense of direction.

  • Create different overlays for different games.
  • Use colors that match your channel’s theme.
  • Use transparency to make some elements less intrusive.
  • Resize overlay elements until you’re sure they don’t occupy more than the necessary screen space.
  • Create separate overlays for a chat showcase (during giveaways, votes, etc.).

Last but not least, don’t forget to include the majority overlay elements as separate scenes in your streamer software. This will enable you to bring them up with just the press of a button and switch to different views instantly whenever you need to.


You now know how to create a Twitch overlay for your channel. By using the tips listed above, you can put together an attractive design that complements your channel.

If you don’t have enough time to do this on your own, consider hiring a graphics designer to create a professional-looking overlay for your channel.

For a more budget-friendly option, you will probably want to stick with the free Twitch overlay makers mentioned in this guide.

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