How To Get Around And Bypass A Discord Ban

It's not that hard to bypass a Discord ban. This guide shows you exactly what you need to do in order to get around and bypass a Discord ban with ease.

Since Discord is free, anyone can make an account on this platform. It is one of the main reasons Discord has built such a huge community over the years.

However, even though it is free for everyone, some rules need to be followed. If you didn’t follow these rules and got banned, you’re probably looking for a solution.

So, let’s look at the possible ways to bypass the Discord ban!

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Can You Bypass A Discord Platform Ban?

Discord Platform Ban
Discord platform ban

The short answer to this question is a simple no. If your account gets a platform ban, there is no way you can bypass that.

But, there are definitely some things you can try to alleviate the ban or to continue using Discord like you used to.

Contact Support

While Discord’s development/support team is pretty solid, this does not mean that their moderation is always perfect. In other words, they make mistakes and may issue bans to the wrong people.

If you believe you have been wrongfully accused, it might be good to submit a ticket/contact support to alleviate the ban.

Even when you are not in the wrong, Discord’s support may decide not to lift the band. But, you can try sending further tickets.

Here’s how you can send a support ticket:

  1. First, go to Discord’s support site.
  2. Select “Help & Support” in the dropdown menu.
  3. Input the email address you use for Discord.
  4. Under Type of question? select “Other Technical Issue.”
  5. In the Subject and Description fields, add whatever you think will help alleviate the ban on your account.
  6. You can also add further evidence under Attachments.
  7. With all fields filled, hit submit.
Discord help and support

After a few days (24 to 72 hours), you should get an answer to your question, and you may have to respond to the email for further inquiries.

If Discord’s support does not agree to remove the ban, you should resort to other solutions.

Create A New Account

The next best way to resolve your problem is to create a new account. Yes, your friends list will be lost, and you’ll have to rejoin every single server, but there really isn’t anything more you can do.

Fortunately, creating a new account on Discord is pretty painless.

Head over to Discord’s registration site, and add your email (use a new one), username, password, and date of birth. Then, hit Continue, and you’re done.

Note: You will need to verify the account through your email.

Discord creating a new account

Now rejoin any of the servers you were previously a member of. Just make sure to respect Discord’s terms of service and community guidelines to avoid any future bans.

IP Banned

Some Discord users have reported that Discord issues IP bans. So, if you can’t seem to create an account for some reason, it might be a good idea to try a VPN. Popular free VPN picks: ExpressVPN, Surfshark, ProtonVPN, and Tunnelbear.

For this article, we’ll use Tunnel Bear as an example.

  1. Download the VPN and run the setup.
  2. Run the VPN.
  3. Select any country (other than yours) and just click connect.
    Using a VPN
  4. Now head back over to Discord’s registration website, fill in all the required fields, create the account and verify it through your email.

Once you have that done, you can turn off the VPN and use the Discord account as you please.

Alternatively, try using a different computer to create the account.

Can You Bypass Server Bans?

A server ban is quite different from a platform ban. These bans are based on the server rules, not Discord’s guidelines or TOS. More specifically, the server admin/mod can ban you for no reason whatsoever. This is because they have complete control over their server.

However, if you want to alleviate this ban, there is something you can try.

Contact the Server Admin/Moderator

How To Make Someone Admin Or Mod On Discord

Discord has pretty good server protection, so you can’t really bypass the ban. Furthermore, if the admin does not want to lift the ban, you will stay permanently banned.

So, your first move should be to contact the admin or some of the server’s moderators. If you’ve been banned by mistake or if you feel that the moderators are overusing their power, with enough evidence, you may convince the admin to unban you.

This won’t work most of the time, but it is worth the shot.

If that’s not working, your next best bet is to create a new account.

A New Discord Account

Whether it is a platform or a server ban, the only way you can bypass it is with a new account.

Remember that server bans are also IP bans, so you will definitely need a good VPN service for creating the account. Follow the guide we posted for downloading and using a VPN. Once you have a new Discord account, you will be able to get back into the server.

Don’t reveal your (old) identity/username; otherwise, your new account may get banned again.


Unfortunately, there aren’t any hidden ways to trick Discord into removing your bans. That is why it is best just to obey Discord’s terms of service, guidelines, and a server’s rules.

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