Fix: Steam Pending Transaction

Are you getting the very annoying Steam pending transaction error? Stuck in pending transaction status forever? Here is how you fix the issue.

Although Steam is free to use, upon opening the app, you’ll find many purchasing opportunities.

The front page of Steam’s store.

It is well-known that both the social and community aspects of Steam are what make it special and unique. So, besides the official store, there’s an entire community market to explore, responsible for the majority of purchases made on this platform.

Steam’s Community Market – A marketplace for virtual in-game items and consumables.

All of this is great, but what happens when Steam fails to process our transaction? Or when it seems like it will remain on “pending” status forever?

Find out all about this in the guide below.

The Steam Pending Transaction Error Explained

Steam processes millions of transactions every day, so when one transaction gets “stuck,” statistically speaking, it’s not really what we’d call a big deal.

But, it’s frustrating when this happens to you, especially if due to this error, you can’t get a multiplayer game that all your friends are playing.

So, why does it happen?

According to Steam, this error happens when you’ve successfully requested a purchase on your end, but they haven’t received any confirmation from your payment provider as to whether the funds will be charged to your credit card or not.

As you can see in this Steam Community Forums thread, this problem has existed for a long time and bothers many users of this platform.

Here are some quick methods you can apply to fix this problem.

Fix 1: Manually Cancel Your Pending Transactions

You can cancel the transaction with the “pending” status and create a new one that will hopefully go through.

Here are the steps you need to follow to do so.

  1. Open the Steam app and log into your account. Next, click on your account name in the top-right corner, then select “Account details” from the dropdown menu that shows up. See the image below for more information.
  2. In this panel, click on “View purchase history,” which should be at the top. This will open a list of many previous transactions, and you can click on the one you need help with.

  3. Upon finding the one that still shows the pending status, select the “Cancel my purchase” option. You can now create a new transaction, and hopefully, that one will go through.

You can try a different payment method when you try to re-submit the transaction, reducing the chances of the same thing happening again.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, maybe Steam is down and can’t process the purchase. So, check the following section for more information on that!

Fix 2: Check If Steam Is Down And Unable To Process Your Transaction

Steam and all of their services are up most of the time, but of course, unexpected outages happen, and they’re quite normal, especially for such large and complex platforms.

You can check this by using, a website that shows the current status of Steam and all services.

Another useful website is, but it doesn’t show detailed information about each service separately as does.

Fix 3: Disable Your VPN Software If You’re Using It

Some Steam users use virtual private networks for a good reason. Usually, it’s because they get access to certain game servers or because games are cheaper to purchase in some regions. However, it’s sometimes because Steam is restricted in their country.

Steam sometimes detects the use of a VPN as a possible “abuse” of the platform’s policy. So, if the address on your card differs from the location Steam detects your internet signal coming from, of course, they might temporarily freeze your transaction.

Simply put, try purchasing without a VPN and see if you’ll still get the pending error.

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Although an easy error to solve, it’s frustrating when it happens, and when money is involved, people tend to get nervous.

So, you should solve the Steam Pending Transaction problem with ease by applying the methods from the guide above.

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