Fix: Update Stuck

Is your update stuck for some reason? Here's a simple guide on how to make your client update again.

Not being able to update a game on the app or the app itself can be a frustrating experience.

Your update getting “stuck” or failing can result in missing a time-sensitive event or simply not being able to join your friends for a game, which is already enough of a problem on its own.

Unfortunately, even though the app is known for having reliable servers and blazing-quick download speeds, sometimes updates do get “stuck,” and users don’t know what to do.

We’re solving this problem in the guide below, so if you’ve recently been dealing with the exact same situation or something similar, read on to find proven and reliable solutions.

Let’s get started.

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The Problem Explained

When someone reports their update being “stuck,” it can mean a lot of things. It could be their internet connection’s speed sharply dropping, their CPU taking way too much time to process the downloaded files, inadequate disk space, or even an unknown flaw or an error.

A comparable issue is when the app is unable to update itself, rendering it practically unusable, along with all the games you have on it.

battlenet stuck updating

No matter which “version” of the problem you’re experiencing, there are working solutions that you can apply with ease, and you don’t need to be a computer expert to do it.

Take a look at the following sections for the most reliable solutions that helped many users overcome this issue.

Fix 1: Restarting The Process Manually

This fix was recommended by an official representative of the Blizzard customer support team in a Reddit thread that you can find here.

It’s a relatively easy solution that anyone can do, and it doesn’t take much time, which is why we recommend doing it first, as it can save you a lot of time if it ends up working right away.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. If your app is already running on your system, close it as you would normally close any other app, or use the Windows Task Manager if it’s frozen or stuck.
  2. Then, open the Task Manager, or if it’s already open, navigate to the Background Processes, and search for the Blizzard Update Agent. Right-click on it and end the task. Search for any other process that may be related to the app and close it/them.
  3. Start the app once again, but specifically as an Administrator.
  4. Allow the update to start downloading.

Many users confirmed that this method helped them overcome their problem, and once they manually restarted the app, the update was “unstuck” and installed as intended.

But it might not be effective for you, so our suggestion is to explore the other sections for alternative techniques.

Fix 2: Reinstall The App

Even though it’s a tad slow, reinstalling the app can typically fix several bugs and issues with it. If simply restarting it, as we demonstrated earlier, doesn’t work, reinstalling should do the trick.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Close the app if it’s already running on your system. You can do this as you normally would through the app’s user interface, or if it’s frozen, close it using the task manager window.
  2. Open the list of installed apps on your computer, search for the app, then click on it and choose the uninstall option.
  3. Wait for the process to complete and make sure not to interrupt it.
  4. Once the app is successfully uninstalled, re-download the latest version of the setup through the official Blizzard website.

Note: Before installing the app on your system once more, make sure that no other processes related to it are still running on your system. Check the method above and use the same steps to view the list of background processes running and close any of them you think might be related to

Note: If you decide to try this method, which requires a complete uninstall of the app from your computer, we also recommend following the steps below to fully remove all data associated with it and ensure cached files (some of which may be corrupt) don’t cause the same problem again. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open “This PC” from either a desktop shortcut or your file explorer window, then navigate the Program Data folder, which has a default path of “C:ProgramData”.
    If you cannot see this folder, it means you have the “view hidden files and folders” option disabled. To enable it, click on the View button inside any File Explorer window on your PC and enable the setting, as shown in the image below.
    installing stuck at 0
  2. Now that you can see the ProgramData folder, open it and search for a folder called BattleNet (or, and delete it once you find it.
  3. Rebooting your PC is not mandatory, but we recommend it before moving on, as it ensures no Battlenet processes are active and running in the background that may conflict with the upcoming installation setup.

Now you can install the app again using the setup you downloaded in the previous steps.

This solution works because by having the most recent version of the app installed, the “wizard” responsible for ensuring your software is up-to-date won’t engage at all, as it now “knows” that you already have the latest version. This “skips” the updating part, which also eliminates the risk of a failed, “stuck,” or “frozen” update altogether.

For many users, reinstalling the app solved the problem immediately.

Fix 3: Check Your Internet Connection

If it doesn’t seem to be a technical problem or anything related to the app itself, your updates being stuck may be the result of an underperforming internet connection.

The way to check this and quickly “rule it out” from the list of possible reasons is, in fact, very simple and easy to do. We recommend using Speedtest by Ookla, a website that can measure the performance of your connection in just a few seconds in a user-friendly way.

If you observe that your internet connection’s speed is not functioning as expected, particularly for downloads, then it’s likely the main cause of the issue.

In this case, if calling your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and solving the problem that way is not an option, we recommend either manually restarting your router or connecting to a different network. This will most likely solve your problem if you are using public Wi-Fi, which often has a limited or barely-functional download speed.

Note: You can restart your router by clicking the power button, or if it’s out of reach, plugging off the cable from the power socket. Upon powering off the device, wait about three minutes before powering it on again.

Fix 4: Use The Selective Startup Method

This is another method recommended by the Blizzard support team, which actually happens to be the cause of the problem quite commonly.

This method was recommended in the same Reddit thread listed in the Fix 1 section, and it seems to work often as users were not aware that some of the third-party apps and programs running in the background are interfering with the Battlenet app’s ability to update.

Selective startup means allowing your PC to boot and run only specific (or none at all) programs immediately after, eliminating the risk of something interfering with the app’s ability to function properly.

Here’s the detailed, step-by-step guide from the Blizzard support team on how to do this easily.


Now you know what may be causing the update to freeze and, even more importantly, how to fix it once it does.

Unfortunately, sometimes computer problems can be very specific, and you may not end up solving the problem using the methods listed above, despite them being very helpful to many other users.

However, in such situations, contacting the official Blizzard support team is always a wise idea.

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