Fix: Roblox Error Code 273

Encountering errors on Roblox, like the 273 error code, can be annoying. Don't worry though, here's how you can fix the issue with ease.

Many users are alarmed upon seeing the 273 error on their screens due to the message presented with it.

Unfortunately, this error is not as uncommon as we want it to be, and it’s infamous amongst the community for being vague and sometimes very concerning.

Many users believe their account is compromised upon seeing this error, but that’s not always the case.

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the Roblox Technical Issue 273.

Let’s get into it.

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The Problem Explained

Unlike some other Roblox errors that get triggered by a specific action from the user’s end, the 273 Roblox popup can occur at any time as it’s not related to any in-game activity.

The 273 error is caused by the game’s authentication and account servers detecting a double login session on your account, and therefore prompting one of the users to either terminate their session or overwrite the other one with theirs.

When triggered, the Roblox 273 error looks as shown in the image below.

Roblox Error Code 273

The error message presented in the panel is: “Same account launched game from different device. Reconnect if you prefer to use this device. (Error Code: 273)” along with two options given to the user, Leave and Reconnect.

The first thing users think of upon seeing this message is their account’s security being compromised, as there isn’t any other way for someone to launch a new game session from another device using their account unless they have their username and password.

Well, fortunately, the good news is that sometimes the Roblox servers glitch out and this turns out to be just a false warning and not compromised account security.

However, there are still things you need to do to overcome this issue and get back to playing, so learn more about that in the following sections below.

Fix 1: Change Your Login Credentials And Re-Log


Although most users who reported encountering this issue confirmed that their account wasn’t compromised, it’s still not completely out of the question, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

As the first fix for the Roblox 273 problem, we recommend changing your login credentials, so that in case someone does have access to your account, they’ll immediately lose it without being able to cause any further damage.

To change your Roblox password, you must do the following:

  1. Log into your Roblox account.
  2. Go to the account Settings page, which is accessed by clicking the gear icon located in the website’s upper-right corner.
  3. Click Account Info and then Change Password, which is a button that looks like a pencil and paper.
  4. Enter your current password and then your new password twice to confirm it.
  5. Save the changes and exit the window.

We also suggest connecting an email address to your account and confirming it as an extra level of safety, as well as a handy tool in case you can’t recall or misplace your password.

The next thing we recommend as a part of this fix is forcing a logout from all other devices. You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Log into your Roblox account.
  2. Open the Settings page by clicking on the cogwheel icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Click Security in the left-bar menu and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen where you’ll see the Secure Sign Out tab.
  4. Click on the Sign Out button and press OK once the confirmation panel shows up.

You’re now logged out of all other devices except the one you’re currently using, and since you just created a fresh password as well, nobody else besides you will be able to log into your account.

If you are hundred percent sure that your account isn’t compromised and you’re just facing the bug, take a look at the section below for a simpler fix.  

Fix 2: Restart Roblox, Your Router, And PC, And Then Re-Join The Server


As mentioned above, this error doesn’t always mean your account was compromised. Sometimes it’s a bug with the authentication servers, or it can even be caused by a sudden disruption in your internet connection.

Needless to say, many users have had success in resolving this issue with a simple restart of their game, router, and PC, and we’re here to show you the best way to do it.

Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Log out of Roblox and exit the website.
  2. Flush your DNS Cache using our step-by-step tutorial.
  3. Restart your router by pressing the power button (usually located on the back side).
  4. Restart your PC while your router is powered off.
  5. Once your PC boots up, power on your router and wait for the connection to reestablish.
  6. Launch Roblox and log into your account.
  7. Join the server you previously got kicked from.

The problem should now be fixed!

This technique can help with different other Roblox issues associated with the user’s internet connection, but importantly in your case, it acts as a solution for the 273 error.


You now have all the necessary information about the 273 error on Roblox, a problem that is often a mistaken signal for a hacked account, but should still be treated seriously.

Hopefully, you managed to fix it by applying the methods listed in the guide above.

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