Fix: Twitch Password Reset Not Working

Having problems requesting a password reset on Twitch? No worries, we got you covered with this simple guide on how to fix the Twitch password reset issue.

Logging into your account before using ensures you have a personalized and overall better experience on the platform. This happens to be the case with most similar websites as well.

However, since most of us have many accounts with different credentials across multiple websites, forgetting our login information is not uncommon.

Is this a reason to worry? Not really. Almost every platform of Twitch’s caliber has an easy-to-use password reset system.

Twitch’s account recovery and password reset system.

But, what happens when password reset stops working?

Why Can’t I Reset My Twitch Password?

In the past, numerous users reported problems while trying to reset their passwords on Twitch. Here’s a list of Reddit threads to easily check out what many users had to say when reporting the same issues.

The origin of this error (bug) is unknown, but there are a few solutions that will help you overcome it.

Usually, the problem is on Twitch’s side, in which case you cannot do anything besides contacting support. However, sometimes it’s just a minor issue on your end that can be easily solved by applying the methods in the guide below.

Fix 1: Clear Your Browser’s Cookies And History

This method helped the most users, and it’s easy to do, especially if you follow the steps and images below.

Here’s what you need to do if you’re using Chrome.

  1. Open Chrome on your PC and click on the three vertical dots located in the top-right corner of your screen. Then, from the dropdown menu, select “Settings” to access the main panel.
  2. Here, scroll down until you see the “Privacy and security” tab. The first option you’ll see is “Clear browsing data,” which you should click on.
  3. Select the “Basic” tab from the two options on top of the panel, then “tick” all the boxes next to the provided options. Select “All time” in the time range field, and finish by clicking “Clear data” in the bottom-right corner.

Now you’ve successfully cleared your browsing history, cookies, and other site data from Chrome. Load again, and try resetting your password. It should now work without giving you any errors.

Fix 2: Use A Different Browser Compatible With Twitch

Sometimes bugs and errors of this type are browser-related. So, the easiest way to overcome this issue is to switch to a different browser quickly. Don’t worry; you only need to do this temporarily.

Since there are many choices out there, and browsers, in general, are a personal preference, you should decide which browser you’ll choose. But, if you feel like you need a bit of help, we have a guide covering this topic in-depth, which might be handy to you!  

Fix 3: Check Your Spam And “Junk” Folders In Your Inbox

This is a known solution for the problem, as most of the time, password-reset e-mails end up in our spam and junk folders.

Make sure to check those out, as the link for resetting your password may be “hiding” in there. If this is the case, make sure to mark the sender, and all e-mails from them as safe, so that the problem doesn’t happen again.

Double-check to ensure that the e-mail is sent from Twitch officials before marking anything as safe.  

Fix 4: Contact Twitch Support Team For Further Assistance

Twitch encourages its users to contact the support team for just about any difficulty they face on the platform.

And, since resetting your password is indeed of great importance, you should expect to get a quick answer from the support team.

Feel free to compose a request to Twitch’s support team here.  


Now you should be able to reset your Twitch password and use a new one that’s hopefully easier to remember or more secure than your previous one.

Please note that doing this too frequently may cause Twitch’s security system to detect “suspicious behavior” on your account and temporarily freeze it.

It is highly advisable to store your passwords somewhere safe to review them in the instance that you forget them.

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