Windows 10 will force you to use a Microsoft account during installation

The option to create a local account during the installation of Windows 10 will soon disappear.

Right now, when you install Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, you have had the option to either use a Microsoft account or a local account when setting up the OS.

This essentially links the OS to your Microsoft account, password and other data connected to your account. This allows you to synchronize your settings and preferences across devices, so there are advantages to having a Microsoft account connected to your devices. But privacy-minded people still prefer to at least have the option to choose, which has now disappeared.

This change was first tested in the US and is now being deployed worldwide.

How to still use a local account

Since you need an internet connection to create a Microsoft account, the only option is to disconnect your internet connection when setting up Windows 10. You will then have the option to create a local account.

The Windows 10 installer explains that if you don’t want to use the Microsoft account, you can remove it after the installation, but this is very inconvenient for the user.