Fix: Twitch Error 403 – You May Not Change Your Display Name

Trying to change your display name on Twitch but you're getting the Twitch error 403 code? Fix the issue using the solution presented here!

The username system on Twitch makes it possible for people to recognize each other by their virtual nicknames. It is undoubtedly one of the most important features on the platform.

Millions of Twitch users sign in daily to enjoy content from their favorite broadcasters, communicate in the chat rooms, and meet other users with similar interests.

Unfortunately, the Twitch 403 Error has something else in mind. It is an annoying bug that prevents users from changing their usernames. This guide will give you the solution.

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The Twitch 403 Error Explained

Before we look at why this error can be so frustrating for Twitch users, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Twitch’s username policy.

For those who don’t want to read the entire thing, here’s the most important part.

  • Twitch allows username changes only once every sixty days.

This means that, if you changed your username by accident or mistyped a character, you will need to wait two months before you can change it again, only to be greeted by the Twitch 403 Error.

The message users see when they encounter this issue is the following:

“Error message Error (403): You may not change your display name, only the capitalization of it.”

So, what’s the workaround for this problem? Can users change their display names, or are they doomed to live with a mistyped character forever?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! We’re happy to report that there are a few easy solutions to this problem.

Before we look closer at those, it’s important to mention that changing your display name should only be done from the SettingsProfile panel, as indicated in the image below.

changing Twitch display name in Settings Profile panel

If this doesn’t work, apply one or all of the methods listed below.

Fix 1: Clear Your Browser’s Cache And Cookies

Numerous bugs on Twitch are caused by an accumulation of corrupted data and cookies. This is especially true if you use your browser for a long time and rarely clean up this data.

Numerous Reddit users confirmed this helped them overcome the problem, so follow the steps below to complete the process quickly.

  1. Open Chrome on your PC and click on the vertical dots in the top-right corner.
  2. From the dropdown menu, choose Settings to open the configuration panel.
    Twitch Can Not Change Username
  3. Scroll down until you see the Privacy and Security section. Choose Clear browsing data to access the final window where you will do the cleanup.
    Twitch Will Not Let Me Change Username
  4. Here, tick all the boxes next to the three available options, as shown in the image below. Finish by clicking Clear Data in the bottom-right corner. Make sure to select All time in the time range field.
    Clear Browser Cache On Google Chrome

Restart your browser and try modifying your display name. You should no longer see the “You may not change your display name” message when trying to confirm the change.

Fix 2: Log Out And Back In Into Your Twitch Account

Some Twitch users confirmed that logging out and then back into their accounts somehow solved the Twitch 403 error.

This is one of the quickest fixes you can try, so it’s worth attempting as it can help you resolve the problem without wasting too much time.

Fix 3: Use A Different Browser

According to some reports, switching to a different browser also helped with the 403 error on Twitch.

If you have an alternative browser installed on your PC, try switching to it, even if it’s only temporarily until you have successfully changed your name.

Try one of the popular browsers such as Firefox or Chrome. If you have already tried those and you’re looking for an alternative, we have a guide covering several browsers compatible with Twitch.


You now know which methods to apply if trying to change your display name results in errors. However, there are also a few key things to keep in mind.

  • Your display name must match your username. If you want something completely different, you will need to change your username instead.
  • The display name tab is only for capitalization purposes. For example, if your name is PC Strike, and you want it to be “pC sTrIkE” you can make that change through the display name section.
  • Do not use invisible characters because it will cause errors.

If you encounter any other, unknown errors, you can always contact Twitch’s Support Team for additional help and information.

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