When Is The Next Steam Sale?

When exactly is the next Steam sale and what is it called? Which games will go on sale and for how long? Here is the ultimate guide to Steam sales.

Steam is the world’s largest and most popular digital video game distribution platform. It is owned and operated by Valve and enjoys millions of active users daily.

Steam offers many unique features, making it stand above the competitors in its field.

According to members of the Steam community, the regular sale events on the platform are among the main reasons that so many gamers choose Steam as their preferred place to buy games and DLC.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know regarding Steam sales and should ensure you don’t miss the next one.

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What Are Steam Sales And Why Should I Care?

Sales are a common sight at online retailers. However, when it comes to Steam sales, there’s usually more to be excited about than simply buying games at reduced prices.

A large part of Steam’s community culture is based on developing and leveling your profile, collecting badges, and displaying your achievements.

If you’ve read our guide in which we explore Steam’s level-up system, you already know that Steam sales are a great opportunity to increase your account’s XP. Some members of Steam’s community are quite serious about this, especially those who value perfecting their Steam profiles.

Even if this is of no interest to you, Steam sales are ultimately great opportunities to purchase games at low prices. Whatever your motivation, every video game enthusiast should care about these events.

How can you ensure you don’t miss any? Read on to find out.

Predicting The Exact Dates For Steam Events

Before we discuss accurate dates for upcoming Steam sales, there’s something important to mention.

Steam doesn’t announce any sales or important events long before they happen. Dates are kept as a company secret. Sales also don’t fall on the same days every year, which is why it’s impossible to predict them with absolute certainty.

However, we know that the large Steam sales happen every year. Once the exact dates are sent to partners and revealed to the public, we can inform you about the upcoming events with greater accuracy.

The Next Steam Sale (Event)

The next Steam event where you can try demos of upcoming games is Next Fest. It is scheduled for October 1 – October 7 2021.

Next Fest upcoming games

This isn’t exactly a sale, but it is a special event where you can interact with the developers of some of the most exciting games upcoming on Steam.

Steam describes Next Fest as a multi-day celebration for upcoming titles. If you are a developer, hurry up and register your game before the deadline on August 15.

After Next Fest, the following event will most likely be the annual Halloween Sale, which usually takes place toward the end of October. Once we know the exact dates of this event, we will post them below.

Steam Halloween

When Is The Steam Summer Sale?

Every year, Steam organizes two large sales, one of which is the Summer Sale, where games can have their price reduced by as much as ninety percent.  

Usually, the Steam Summer Sale is accompanied by other mini-events, where you can earn rare collectibles, badges, emotes, and much more.

Steam Summer Sale

Given the major discounts and the fact that many gamers have far more free time during the summer, this is easily one of the most anticipated events on the entire Steam platform.

Like the other events on Steam, we can’t know exactly when the Summer Sale will take place. We can guess but, until the exact dates are publicly revealed by Steam, nobody knows for sure.

The Steam Summer Sale dates are usually confirmed a few weeks before it starts.

Judging by previous events, the Summer Sale will likely occur between late June and early July. However, we can’t say this with certainty.

When Is The Steam Winter Sale?

The Steam Winter Sale is the other major sale of the year, alongside its summer counterpart. This event is usually accompanied by a lot of New Year-themed content, exciting releases, and, most importantly to many gamers, major discounts.

Steam Winter Sale

The exact Steam Winter Sale dates can’t be confirmed until a few weeks before the event starts.

Usually, the Winter Sale begins a few days before New Year’s Eve and lasts for about a week after it. As with the Summer Sale, the event is often accompanied by smaller mini-events where you can earn collectible rewards.

If you have a lot of spare time during the winter holidays, keep a close eye on the Winter Sale, as some of the discounts offered will make you freeze with excitement.


Knowing exactly when the next Steam sale will take place is very helpful, as you can save money and prepare your wishlist. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to make perfect predictions as Steam doesn’t confirm the events far in advance.

On the other hand, you can make an educated guess as Steam is generally consistent with the periods during which they organize their sales.

Two popular Steam-related websites, whenisthenextsteamsale.com and steamdb.info, predict these events, so you should pay attention to them if you want to prepare for the next sale.

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