New icons coming to Windows 10 apps

You can look forward to new and modern app icons coming to Windows 10 very soon. There are already updates available to most of the built-in Windows 10 apps for Fast Ring testers of Windows 10.

This will surely bring a fresh and modern look to the popular Windows 10 operating system and a change that we are looking forward to as many of the current icons look outdated. Hundreds of apps will get their icons updated.

New and modern Windows 10 icons

Alarms & Clock, Mail, Calculator, Voice Recorder, Groove Music, Calendar, Camera and Movies & TV will the first apps to receive the new modernized icons with the rest to follow suit shortly after that.

The new icons are a part of Microsoft’s Fluent Design initiative in order to modernize the company’s services and software. The Windows 10 start menu may get a refresh as well.

New Windows 10 Start menu design

Aside from the built-in Windows 10 apps, Microsoft’s Office icons, Edge browser and many of the company’s mobile apps have also had their icons updated so Microsoft is working hard to modernize their entire portfolio.