Microsoft really wants you to use Edge instead of Firefox

It’s no secret that Microsoft really wants you to use their software. For example, when you want to switch your default web browser after installing Google Chrome, you’ll be met with two prompts suggesting you use Microsoft’s own web browser.

Users will also see the prompt being suggesting in the taskbar if a laptop is being used.

Not really a good user experience. Now, Microsoft is taking this even further by suggesting that you replace Firefox with Edge directly in your start menu. This was first spotted in a post on the Windows 10 subreddit by a S_IV, a Reddit user, who wrote the following:

This must be the most cringing suggestion text I have ever seen in win10.

Users are not happy about this suggestion

Now that Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser, Edge has been released, they want as many users to jump on it as possible.

To begin with, Microsoft would only suggest this if you were using Internet Explorer, which is completely fine, given that they are both Microsoft’s own products and Edge is much faster and safer to use.

Microsoft has declined to comment on the story and did not explain why they are specifically targeting Mozilla Firefox users.

It is a rather easy task if you want to get rid of the suggestions altogether, fortunately. Simply right-click on the suggestion and click on Turn off all suggestions.