How To Enable Text Chat In Voice Channels

Did you know that you can enable text chat inside voice channels? Here's a simple guide on how to do exactly that.

Discord provides multiple ways users can communicate with each other. You can either send direct messages or make private voice and video calls. There is also the option to do all that through a server, just by entering a text or a voice channel.

Discord recently added a new feature, text chat in voice channels.

Fortunately, as a server owner, you won’t have to do anything to get this feature for your members because it is already enabled!

But, in this guide, we’ll show you how to use and customize it.

Let’s check it out!

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How To Use Text Chat In Voice Channels On PC

To open up the text chat that is used exclusively for a voice channel, all you have to do is click the message cloud icon. This icon can be found right next to the voice channel’s name.

Here’s an example:

Discord Message Cloud Icon

It’s right there; you just have to hover over the voice channel to see the icon show up! Once you’ve clicked that icon, the text chat will open on your right.

Discord Text Channel

Remember that you don’t need to enter the voice channel in order to view the text channel. You can disconnect and simply tap on that exact icon whenever you desire to access the messages.

No need to worry, your messages will be there forever unless removed.

How To Use Text Chat In Voice Channels On Mobile

If you are a Discord mobile user, here’s how you can use this feature on your phone:

  1. Open the Discord mobile app.
  2. Tap on any voice channel.
    Discord Mobile Voice Channel
  3. This will open the option to join the voice channel. We don’t want that. Instead, look at the top-right corner and spot the message bubble icon. Tap on it.
    Discord Mobile Message Bubble Icon
  4. If you’ve already joined the voice channel, just tap anywhere to open the Discord overlay and click on the message bubble icon at the top.
    Discord Mobile Already Joined The Voice Channel Message Bubble Icon

That’s all you will need to do. Now send your messages!

How To Disable Text Chat In Voice Channels

If you are looking for a way to disable this new feature from the voice channels in your server, we’re sad to say that there is no such option.

However, as an owner/admin, you control who can or cannot send messages. So, if you want members to stop messaging in voice channels, you can just disable their permissions.

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Open your Discord server.
  2. Hover with your mouse a voice channel and click on the cogwheel icon.
    Discord Edit Channel
  3. Go into the Permissions tab and expand the Advanced Permissions settings.
    Discord Permissions Tab
  4. Here, select the roles from which you want to remove this permission or just select @everyone.
  5. Scroll until you can see the Send Messages permission and disable it.
    Discord Send Messages permission
  6. Click on Save Changes.

That’s it! If you chose the @everyone role, no one will be able to send messages in this text channel in the future.

Remember that you will have to repeat this process for every voice channel individually.

Benefits Of Voice Channel Text Chat


If you are not sure what kind of benefit you can get out of this kind of feature, here are some reasons why it’s useful:

  • Sending messages, images, and videos related only to the topics of the voice channel.
  • Keeps a tighter conversation circle (members in the voice channel.)
  • No need to sort through unrelated or spam messages in other text channels.

Various other reasons probably make this feature very useful, but these are some of the most essential benefits. We hope this guide helped you incorporate voice channel text chats into your daily Discord use.

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