Google Chrome will soon get a copy password button

It’s very handy to save your passwords in your browser and have it automatically fill out the username and password on future visits. But in Google Chrome, it came with a catch.

When you have to copy the password in Google Chrome, you need to make it visible first, which reveals it to prying eyes. This doesn’t really give you much privacy, but it’s about to change soon for Google Chrome users.

Chrome will get the copy password feature

A recent note by a Google Chrome development team member indicates that the browser will soon let you copy your saved passwords without even revealing them.

This change adds a “Copy password” menu item to the Password Settings in Chrome and adds a relevant string. So far clicking the button is a no-op, actually copying the password will be implemented in a future CL.

Google Chrome dev team member

How the copy password function will work

Here is how you currently copy a saved password in Google Chrome.

  1. Enter chrome://settings/passwords in the address bar of Google Chrome or click on your avatar on the top-right corner and click on the key icon.
  2. Find the password you want to copy and click on the eye icon. You may need to enter your Windows credentials for security purposes.
  3. Click on the password field. The whole password will be highlighted automatically so you can simply press CTRL + C or Command + C now.

The new feature will most likely add a Copy password dropdown value when clicking on the three dots next to the eye icon. This will bypass the process of revealing the password to prying eyes so it is certainly a nice addition. You may need to enter your Windows credentials here as well, as you are copying sensitive information.